• Cop Log 2/1/14 – 2/6/04

    2/1/14 – 2/6/04
    Gunfight at the Squishy Corral
    Police responded to a physical altercation at an apartment complex at 4:00AM.
    Five subjects were interviewed to determine the cause of the fight. Two were intoxicated
    and it was discovered they had engaged in gun play. They were told it was too
    late in the night for such things and agreed to put their Nerf guns away and go to
    Disappearing act
    Officers responded to an Ocean View Blvd business in response to a battery of
    an individual. It seems about 20 young adults entered the business when one was
    dared to throw disappearing ink on the victim. Due to boredom and stupidity, the
    dare was accepted.
    You got a license for that thing?
    Driver was pulled over near Presidio Boulevard. Cited for driving without a license.
    Possible burglary
    Officers arrived to a residence which reported that their front door latch appears
    to have been forcibly tampered with. Resident reported that he could no longer lock
    the door from inside his home. Upon further reflection, homeowner thought it could
    have been the roommate who got locked out.
    She said, she said
    Police responded to a home where one resident accused another of stealing her
    jewelry supplies to give to her boyfriend. Other resident denies claims.
    Items stolen from store on Ocean Ave.
    Just a little nappy poo
    Suspect was discovered sleeping in her car. She was intoxicated to the point of
    not being able to take care of herself. She was booked at the police department and
    then released to a friend.
    Arguments with a car
    Police responded to reports of two cars driving at high speeds. It was reported that
    the female driver had earlier attempted to run over the male in the other car. Police
    contacted them and determined that they were married and having an argument. The
    wife wanted the husband to come home.
    Lost checkbook
    Woman reported that she lost her checkbook and drivers license at Country Club
    Gate Shopping Center. Bank has already cancelled the checks.
    Bike bucks rider
    Runner turned in front of a bicyclist spooking the bike and causing the rider to
    fall. Rider broke his clavicle bone and was taken to CHOMP for treatment. Bike was
    taken by police for a timeout to think about what it had done. Will be reclaimed later.
    Don’t get used to this good luck
    Two subjects were contacted by police for shoplifting. Items were returned to the
    store and no charges were pressed, this time.
    What, is your dumpster broken?
    Suspect broke into apartment complex for the sole intent of dumping his old patio
    chairs on the property.
    Breaking, entering, and watching
    Hotel reports that someone entered a room by sliding a window off its track. They
    then watched TV and left, possibly taking a bedspread with them.
    Parking frustrations
    Man was reported to police as sitting in his vehicle yelling. Turns out he got upset
    because he could not park.
    That spot is already taken
    Car attempted to park where one already was. Reports of damage are sure to follow.
    It might be time for a nap
    An officer noticed a car just sitting at an intersection. After approaching the car
    and having her pull to the side of the road, the driver said she had not slept in two
    days and was on her way to pick up some medication.

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