• Cop Log 2/13/15 to 2/19/15

    Non-injury collisions
    Lighthouse Ave.
    Monarch Lane hit-and-run
    Country Club Gate
    17 Mile Dr. past tense hit-and-run: Car was abandoned. Owner went to the station the next day. Forest Ave.
    On Central, a person stopped at a stop sign, and though he saw the other car, he thought they had a stop sign and they collided.
    Hit and run on 9th St.
    Debris in the road and a damaged city sign indicated there’d been an accident on Forest, but an area check didn’t turn up any cars with headlight damage.
    Lighthouse Ave.

    Domestic disturbances, civil complaints, welfare checks
    Pine Ave.
    Pacific Grove Lane
    10th Street: Argument about money. Houseless family living in RV were given referral information. Monterey Ave.
    Monterey Ave.
    10th St.
    Statement about elder abuse by a state official, but no further information was disclosed
    Officers answered three calls about disturbances at a motel and finally arrested the dude and transported him to County jail.
    A guy was reported hollering on Jewell Ave. When officers arrived, he threw some objects under a car. They turned out to be cocaine marijuana, a scale, Xanex pills, and a glass pipe with meth inside. The guy was on probation. He is now in jail.
    Alleged elder abuse on 9th St.
    A woman on Lincoln said someone had been entering her house and taking personal property.
    A woman on Lincoln Ave. said her neighbor threatened to “kick her ass” and called her names.
    A woman on Lincoln said her neighbor had been spying on her with a telescopic lens.

    Lost etc.
    A cell phone
    A wallet was lost on Grove Acre
    A cell phone from Fresno was lost
    A wallet was lost on Prescott
    A dog was turned in but was immediately claimed when the owner was contacted.
    A key was lost on Gibson.
    Wallet lost on Pine Ave.
    A cell phone.

    Theft of electricity suspected
    An out-of-state owner called police because her electric bill for a second home in Pacific Grove was much higher than a previous bill. She wondered if someone was tapping into her power, but when officer checked it did not appear that was the case.

    Pretend Theft of Pills
    A man called police accusing his “pretend aunt” of taking some 60 Xanex and 60 Abilify, though he had no proof. He didn’t want her to be contacted. He just wanted to document the facts.

    Sea lion didn’t use the crosswalk
    A female sea lion was discovered in the roadway on Oceanview Blvd. She seemed confused but had no visible injuries. Marine Mammal Rescue was called when the sea lion wouldn’t get back in the water. They took her into custody.

    Vandalism resulted in meth arrest
    Dispatched on a report of vandalism: One suspect fled on foot, but the other stayed with the car. Consented to a search and bingo, meth was found. Suspect was booked, cited, and released on a citation to appear.

    Property line dispute
    A construction worker flagged down the officer and said a neighbor was removing paving bricks and claiming they were being laid on his property. The fence had been built on the property line but later found to be straddling the two properties. They had met about it, but nothing was done, Now the neighbor says the driveway and fence were on his property and that he never discussed mutually moving the fence. The officer advised them to contact the building inspector and the construction workers stopped working on pavers near the property line.

    Free paint job for dirty car
    A man complained that construction workers had sprayed paint on his vehicle at a hotel where he was staying.The officer inspected the car and said it was dirty and that a few specks of an unknown substance could be seen, bit it could not be ascertained what they were. Hotel staff said there was no painting going on at the time the car owner said.

    A business owner on Sunset said trash had been left on several occasions behind her business. This time it was human feces and she wants extra patrol. Officer also suggested motion-activated lights.

    Ring stolen
    A woman reported her ring had been stolen at the gym where she works out.

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