• Cop log 2/20/15-2/27/15

    Minor accidents
    Non-injury accident involving a parked vehicle. Jewell Ave.
    Hit and run on a parked vehicle. Officer arrived within seconds but the driver and occupant had already split.
    A woman hit a parked car on Sunset and she was found to be intoxicated. Jennifer Tole was booked and released on a cite to appear.
    Driver didn’t see a stopped vehicle and rear-ended it on Sunset.

    Lost & Found & Stolen
    Bike lost
    Drivers license lost
    Theft from a locked vehicle on Lighthouse Ave.
    Girl’s bicycle stolen during a sporting event at school.
    Small girl’s bicycle found in the street on Lighthouse Ave.
    Bicycle found on Central and turned in.
    Wallet stolen from unlocked car on Cedar St.
    Cell phone lost on Mermaid.
    Wallet lost on 17th St.
    Cash lost on Sinex.
    A computer was lost on Lighthouse Ave.
    Wallet lost on Forest
    Wallet lost on Ocean View

    The Repo Man Cometh
    Grove Acre Lighthouse Ave. Monterey Ave.

    Probably not looking for the swing set
    A resident on Sunset reported a juvenile in her back yard. Juvenile was under the influence of marijuana and mushrooms. Resident didn’t want to press charges. Juvenile was released to his mother.

    Alcohol poisoning – Juvenile.
    Female juvenile transported to CHOMP with alcohol poisoning. Her father took custody of her.

    Alarm Activations, no burglars in sight
    Shell Ave.
    Spazier Ave.

    Bewildered visitor
    An elderly man turned up at the police station in a bewildered state. Officers were able to track down his son and get him back to his hotel.

    Attack of the fence post cutter
    Someone on Lincoln reported that an unknown person cut their fence post.

    Not a camping spot for tents or tenants
    A woman turned in a tent that she’s found in her driveway. She said it belonged to the neighbor’s tenant who cursed at her. She’d brought the tent to the police so that he wouldn’t confront her. He came later and retrieved it.
    Public Works turned in camping gear found at Lovers Point.

    Arguing under the influence
    Carmel Ave. Female half arrested, booked, and taken to County Jail.

    Found ammo
    An elderly woman turned in three rounds of ammunition found on the street.

    The Bark Bark Bark Report
    Two dogs at large on Pacific Grove Lane were made no longer at large.
    Black and tan dachshund found on David. Attempts to reach the owner were unsuccessful so the dog was taken to the doggie jail. Owner came in, paid fees, and sprung the dog.
    Barking dog complaint on Miles Ave.

    Do you have Prince Albert in a Can?
    A child called a business twice and said that they’d found a note on the porch that said “For a good time call…” and gave the business number. The business owner didn’t want it to go on and on. The parents were called.

    Delusional Texter
    A woman reported her neighbor sent her suspicious texts the night before. She’s concerned he might be delusional and spreading untruths about her.

    Not tree color
    A woman who lives on Grand said her neighbor had painted her tree red.

    Reckless driving on Morse
    A woman reported that one of her neighbors was driving recklessly. She wanted close patrol.

    Alarm Activation
    Unregistered on Lighthouse.
    Another one on Lighthouse.
    Cleaning crew set one off on Acropolis St.

    What’s the Muni Code for Bothering a Plumber While Intoxicated?
    Neighbor was reported drunk and bothering a plumber on David Ave. His mother collected him.

    Waving at runners
    A woman running on the Rec Trail observed a man exposing himself and masturbating. Officers couldn’t find him.

    posted to Cedar Street Times on March 6, 2015

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