• Cop Log 2/28/15 – 3/7/15

    Injury Rollover DUI
    On Forest Ave. Driver suffered minor injuries and submitted to a blood draw. Parker Gowing was cited and released.

    DUI and hit and run
    Driver hit a parked car and drove away. A witness saw it. Charles Gillen was arrested at his home and given a BAC test. He was cited and lodged at MPD until sober. Given a citation to appear.

    Non injury rearender
    At David Ave. Vehicle 1 was stopped to turn left and vehicle 2 didn’t notice and rearended Vehicle 1. Both vehicles driveable.

    Black wallet near Bank of America.
    A walkie talkie was found on the Rec Trail and turned in.
    “Personal property” was found on Forest and turned in.

    A ring was lost on Ocean View Blvd.

    Oil painting stolen from owner’s front porch .

    Bark, bark, bark
    Dog found sitting in the road in front of Trader Joe’s. Taken to PGPD.
    Dog chomped its caregiver. Vaccination information given.
    Dog found on Bayview and taken to SPCA.

    Suspicious guy
    Three teenagers noticed a man walking around in their yard on 2nd St. He took off and flipped them off as he did so. No one was found in an area check.
    A man wearing plaid pajama bottoms and a gray hoodie was reported prowling nearby neighborhoods and snooping in unlocked vehicles. Reporting party’s description helped officer locate the suspicious man, but he had nothing on him that was stolen though he was on probation with search and seizure terms.

    False tax returns rampant
    A person on Pacific Grove Lane reported his name and Social Security number were used to file a false tax return.
    A woman on Asilomar reported her and her husband’s identifying information was used to file a fraudulent tax claim.
    A person on David reported identifying information was used to file a false tax return.

    Commercial property on Lighthouse.

    Unlawful hosting, unlawful smoking
    A person unlawfully entered a home, invited friends over and smoked marijuana inside the house.

    Was escrow closed?
    A person purchased a hotel A former tenant called and wanted to speak with the former owner, and when told it had been sold, the caller said “That was the wrong answer” and said that he is “going to pay for this big time.” Source of the call unknown at this time.

    A cat that kept showing up at Save Mart was picked up several times when the manager called the owner. But this time the cat disappeared. Turns out an employee decided to adopt it and took it home. She took it to the vet and there was no microchip. It has since been returned to the owner who was advised to get a microchip and a collar.

    Loud leaf blower
    Reporting party on Jewell complained of a loud leaf blower but refused to meet with the police officer the officer contacted a nearby landscape crew and provided them with a printed copy of the City ordinance regarding leaf blowers.

    Was it a full moon?
    Editor noticed there seemed to be an inordinate number of welfare checks and calls for people acting out.


    posted to Cedar Street Times on March 13, 2015

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