• Cop Log 2/6/15 – 2/13/15

    Dog vs. Dog
    Reporting party was walking his dog on Gibson when a loose pit bull attacked it. Neither dog was injured. Animal control officer returned and cited the owner of the pit bull and advised the owner and the dog get training.

    Lost in Pacific Grove
    An elderly lady reportedly became disoriented while going for groceries and stopped in the middle of the street. She was advised to leave her car at the police station and an officer took her home.

    Domestic disturbances
    Lincoln Ave., Grand Ave., Lighthouse Ave., 10th St.

    Lost, Found, Still at Large
    A wallet was lost on Forest Ave.
    A wallet was found on David Ave.
    A cell phone was found on Pine Ave.
    A wallet was lost on Sinex.
    Camera found on Ocean view Blvd.
    A picture ID from El Salvador was found.

    Parking Issues
    A tenant on 9th St. said her lease agreement state that no vehicles are to be parked in the driveway because it blocks her in, but one of the other tenants still parks there. the officer advised that a civil standby would be needed for a trespass admonishment of the person who violated the parking situation.

    Head over Handlebars
    A person observed a bicycle rider fall forward over the handlebars of his elliptical bicycle. He was transported to CHOMP by ambulance and the bicycle was collected for safekeeping. Officer advised the reporting party.

    Cypress Falls on Car
    A person on Forest Hill Blvd. advised that a 50-foot cypress tree fell on his car. He was not injured and was ablt to climb from the car. PG&E was notified about the tree.

    Tree Takes a Break
    A tree was observed leaning against a parked vehicle on David Ave., but the officer didn’t observe any damage.

    Race Detail
    Three reserve officers provided security for the Together With Love race, providing safety, traffic control, giving directions, helping to set up and tear down the course. Badges and playing cards were handed out to juveniles.

    Problem Customer
    Laundry manager advised that a customer was causing difficulties with an employee, telling her she should go to school and get a better job. Employee said she was hesitant about leaving after closing. The customer came back the next day and complained that printed receipts were killing trees, and said that she was going to take another customer’s jacket. The customer was advised that she was not welcome. Customer said she understood and called the employee “Hitler’s daughter.”

    Drug use by Housesitter?
    Property owner on Forest had hired housesitters and went on a trip. When she returned, she found burned foil in the bathroom. There was not enough residue to test for illegal substances.

    Fender benders, no injury
    Hit and run on Central.
    Hit and run by a beige Camry on Crocker.
    Hit and run on Monarch Lane.

    False Alarm
    A poorly latched living room window resulted in the alarm sounding. House was secured. It is registered.

    Bothersome customer
    A Caucasian male in his fifties, wearing a brown jacket and heans, was causing a disturbance at a business in Country Club Gate. He split when he heard the police had been called, but left his backpack. The business owner didn’t want to keep it because they didn’t want the guy to come back, so the police took it for safekeeping.

    Past tense sexual assault
    On 17th St. Involving a child, under investigation.

    Authorized … um … website visiting
    A volunteer was reported using the office computer to visit inappropriate websites and printing out obscene material.

    Abandoned vehicles
    Crocker Ave., Monarch Ln., Laurel Ave., Ocean View Blvd.

    Neighbor Dispute
    Reporting party said the other party had been argumentative about a friend showing up as well as cleanliness issues on the patio. Both were counseled on how to live in close proximity.

    posted to Cedar Street Times on February 20, 2015

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