• Cop Log

    Cop Log

    Hit and roll
    An unknown vehicle struck a parked car and did not stop or attempt to
    contact the owner of the vehicle.
    Under aged drinking and fleeing
    Police arrived at a party where juveniles were consuming alcohol. Resident
    fled when police were sighted.
    Guess parked cars do make the best targets
    Another parked car was struck. No injuries reported.
    Craigslister displeasure
    Victim reported receiving text messages from suspect after being unhappy
    with a purchase made via Craigslist. Officer spoke with suspect and a possible
    resolution was obtained.
    Lost license plates
    Owner reported that the rear license plate fell off his car, as license plates
    will do, while he was driving. CHP were notified.
    Dr. Seuss on the loose: Resource Officer Rasul gets the kids rhyming
    The PG police department was happy to get a little time in with the stellar
    students at Robert Down Elementary. Officer Rasul read to the children in
    celebration of Dr. Seuss’s birthday. “If you never did you should. These things
    are fun and fun is good.”
    Lost jacket seeks help
    A lost jacket with an expired driver’s license and keys was taken to police
    headquarters for safekeeping. Jacket wanted to drive home but couldn’t see over
    the dashboard.
    Wallet stolen for no good reason
    Wallet was either lost or stolen at Trader Joes. Thin tan wallet with cash and
    cards that owner would like back.
    How much is that couchie in the window
    Resident listed couch for sale and suspect sent a check for three times the
    agreed upon amount. Bank confirmed that the check was fraudulent.
    Nice and neighborly
    Neighbors disagree about a property line. One says that his neighbor hit
    him with a hammer. She denies this and claims he punched her in the shoulder.
    Naughty photo
    Mother was monitoring her daughters Facebook account when she discovered
    a photo she described as porno on her daughter’s friend’s page. Mother
    wanted to report the picture and the adult who sent it.
    Flaming potty
    Report of a portable toilet left at a job site was arsonized (arsonated..ed?) in
    the interior with an accelerant and paper. Talk about your hot seat.
    D.A.R.E. graduation
    Robert Down kids graduated from the D.A.R.E. program
    Found skateboard
    Blue skateboard was found and taken to evidence room at police station. If
    you have found yourself walking when you are used to rolling, you may want
    to check it out.
    Driving without a license
    Vehicle and its driver were pulled over. Driver was without a license, so he
    got a lift downtown for a free fingerprinting and the vehicle was given free tow
    to the impound yard.
    Suspicious vehicle
    Report of a suspicious vehicle entering a cul-de-sac near Todd Lane brought
    police to investigate. Reporting party said the vehicle left when they saw him.
    Police confirmed with driver that he was delivering news papers.
    Another skateboard found
    In what seems to be a rash of abandoning skateboards, yet another was
    found. This little guy was located near Caledonia Street.
    Attempted robbery by inexperienced gunman
    Suspect entered a backyard of a residence armed with a handgun. When he
    racked the gun the magazine fell out. He fled the scene.

    posted to Cedar Street Times on March 14, 2014

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