• Cop log 3/13/15 – 3/20/15

    Sweet breath
    A man was observed to be smoking, then go into convulsions, then vomit. Turns out he was smoking potpourri, which he still had on his person. He was taken to the hospital.

    Meth pipes, methamphetamine found in car
    A vehicle was stopped for a code violation and a consent search revealed two grams of meth and two pipes. Driver was arrested, jailed, then released on a citation.

    Panic alarm but no panic
    Police responded to a panic alarm, but when they arrived the alarm company’s employee was in the driveway and the owner of the alarm assured officers that she hadn’t hit the alarm. The alarm company employee must have panicked and hit the alarm.

    Not a prospective buyer
    A woman whose house is for sale returned home to find a man standing on her front porch. She was sure she’d locked the door when she left. The lock box was intact and did not appear to have been used. She was concerned he’d been in the house, but nothing appeared to have been moved nor was taken. Later the woman called back to say that it was the realtor who had left the door open.

    Drunk and disorderly
    A man was arrested for disorderly conduct on Forest Ave. He was drunk.

    Dustin Shane Warren was arrested for driving under the influence when his car was stopped for a vehicle code violation.

    The Bark, Bark, Bark report
    A person on Miles Ave. reported that his neighbor’s dog had been barking nonstop since dawn. The officer heard it barking for about 20 minutes. The owner was not home, but was later contacted and assured the Animal Control Officer he’d take measures to stop the dog from barking.

    Abandoned vehicle towed
    On Montecito.

    Precarious perch
    A man fell 10 feet from the rocks on Ocean View Blvd. while trying to take a picture. He was transported to the hospital.

    The case of the disparaging remark
    At Country Club Gate, a woman made disparaging remarks to another woman on two occasions.

    Lost and/or found
    A camera was lost on the bike path.
    A cell phone was lost but “Find My Phone” found it in Pacific Grove. The people who had found it had plugged it in because the battery croaked, and had intended to return it as soon as they found out whose it was. Everyone’s happy now.
    Personal property was found in an alley and turned in to PGPD. Attempts to locate the owner were unsuccessful.
    A wallet was reported lost on Forest.
    A wallet was stolen from a person on Beaumont and the credit cards used.
    A cell phone was found on Central and turned in to PGPD.

    Budding paleontologist
    A person on Crocker brought in a collection of bones he had found in his back yard, along the fence line, over the past several months. He stated he often smells one of his neighbors cooking ribs and believes that the bones are being thrown over the fence. The man is concerned they will harm his dog. Officer photographed the bones and checked out the fence line, and contacted the neighbor who does the cooking. The neighbor denied having thrown the bones over the fence line. Based on the officer’s observation of the fence line and existing trees and shrubs, officer believes it is unlikely the neighbor threw the bones over the fence.

    Neighbor dispute over SUV parking
    A woman on Laurel believes that her neighbor put nails under her tires and had chipped the windshield with an ice pick. The issue arose over the way her husband parked his SUV and the fact that the neighbor yelled at her about it. She didn’t see the vandalism happen and refused to agree with the officer that she may have run over some nails and had the windshield hit by a rock.

    Some friend
    A man was involved in a physical confrontation with his friend and sustained an injured wrist. He didn’t want to press charges against his friend.

    Trespassing admonishment
    A woman had previously reported a battery, but the subject couldn’t be found. Now she says he’s sitting outside her business on Forest. Officer contacted the subject and gave him a trespass admonishment.

    Tools stolen
    Tools were reported to have been stolen from a vehicle on Funston.

    Hit and run on mirror
    A driver struck a vehicle on Grand Ave. and damaged the mirror, then left the scene. Driver was contacted.

    Trailer damaged
    A driver struck a trailer on Hillcrest, with resultant damage to both vehicles. Owner of the trailer was not located.


    posted to Cedar Street Times on March 27, 2015

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