• Cop Log 3/15/14 – 3/21/04

    3/15/14 – 3/21/04
    Dog out for a walk
    A dog was reported to be frequently wandering unleashed on Chestnut
    Street. It was reported that he would bare his teeth and lunge at passersby and
    their dogs.
    These cans are made for dumping
    Someone was cleaning up a no dumping area and removed trash cans as
    part of the effort. Another person claimed the cans as theirs and followed the
    cleaner upper home. Words were exchanged, slaps were made, and a phone
    was broken as a result.
    Found keys
    Key ring with two models of cars have been found and turned into the
    police station.
    Dogs left tied to tree
    Two dogs were discovered tied to a tree on state park grounds at Asilomar.
    Dogs were housed temporarily and then turned over to the SPCA when the
    owner never arrived to claim them.
    That is theft, too
    Restaurant reported that someone had deposited several bags of trash in
    their receptacle. They reported a theft of services.
    Always look before you leap
    A car pulled into traffic from a parking spot without looking for oncoming
    traffic first. It was struck and both cars have received damage.
    Raccoon on the prowl
    Two raccoons became trapped in a window well of an apartment building.
    After attempting to break into the apartment to escape, a scrap bit of wood was
    lowered down so they could climb out. Suspects then ran and evaded police
    We all know that smell
    A woman was walking her three dogs when one escaped and ran into the
    woods. A thorough search of the area found the little guy cold, wet, and in the
    center of a pond. Owner expressed gratitude to police and fire for helping the
    little critter get back to safety.
    Maybe he was fighting himself
    Neighbors called police to investigate a loud argument and slapping sounds
    coming from next door. Police arrived and heard two people inside the apartment.
    Inside they discovered a man and nobody else. He reported that his wife
    was visiting family out of town.
    Small town problems, maybe not so much
    Police were patrolling an area known to be frequented for drug use. Two
    suspects fled police and escaped, leaving behind a small bag of heroin. It was
    logged into evidence and then destroyed.
    Burglary in the first degree
    Garage was broken into and footprints were discovered. Suspects were
    described and subsequently located. They were charged and booking into jail.
    Bike found
    When searching the ground behind the Methodist Church, a bike was discovered
    abandoned. It was taken to the city yard for safekeeping.
    Another bike
    Bike was abandoned on Sunset Drive in front of a house. The resident
    requested that police take the bike for safekeeping.
    Yet another bike
    Someone stole a bike for a house on Ransford Avenue while the owner
    was out of town.
    Bad week for bikes
    Several bikes were locked up in a carport with a long cable lock. Lock was
    cut and one bike was stolen.

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