• Cop Log 3/21/15-3/28/15

    Sucking Gas
    Reporting party said her husband’s vehicle appeared to have a lower level of gas that morning than it had the night before, and she suspected someone had siphoned gas out of the tank. Incident was on Presidio Blvd.

    Didn’t make it to the public toilet
    An intoxicated individual was arrested for defecating in public. He was taken to Monterey County Jail where at least they have toilet paper.

    Elderly woman falls for IRS scam
    A woman on Lighthouse said that she had received a call from someone claiming to be from the URS and she gave out her Social Security number before she realized it was a scam.

    Lost & Found
    A camera was found on Fountain.
    A wallet was lost a week ago on 10th.
    A smart phone was lost on Grove Acre.
    A wallet was lost on Lighthouse.
    A dog was found on Chestnut St. The owner contacted the police department and the dog was returned.
    Another dog did the same thing on Lawton and its owner came and got it.
    Key fob lost somewhere in Pacific Grove

    Alarm on Austin
    The log says a dog escaped a house where an alarm was sounding, but does not indicate whether it was the dog that set off the alarm or the officer let the dog out when securing the building. The building exterior was secure but the outcome on the dog is not known.

    Mystery person
    A person on 9th Street has called the police more than 55 times over the past three months about a female prowling around the residence. The female is not found.

    It’s not necessarily that I’m old. Your music really is too loud.
    Officers responded to a complaint about loud music on Acacia. The resident apologized and turned it down.

    Traffic enforcement stop yielded a failure to pass FST. Skylar Vagnini was arrested and then released.

    Coyote dining on deer
    A dead deer was found on Esplanade. It was determined that it had been killed by a coyote.

    Coyotes eat cat
    A woman observed a pack of coyotes kill and carry off her domestic cat. She was aware of what it means to live in close proximity to wild life, but wanted others to be aware of the danger

    Not a bicycle stand
    A bicycle was locked to a light post on Ocean View. The lock was cut and the bicycle placed into safekeeping.

    Cramped quarters
    A person asked to be transported to CHOMP. They had been sleeping in the car for about a week and found they were unable to move.

    Bark, bark, bark Report
    A woman was allowing her large white dog to play in Crespi Pond. She was advised that there are other places where she could take a dog to play off-leash. Later the officer observed her downtown with the same dog and again without a leash so the officer cited the woman.

    Squirrelly transaction
    A man sold a motorcycle to someone out-of-state via Craigs List. The buyer sent a money order and it was deposited without incident. Later, though, the buyer sent text messages wanting the seller to pay money by wire to a delivery service. This made the seller very nervous and he wanted advice on how to back out of the deal.

    A man was arrested for taking items and not paying for them.

    posted to Cedar Street Times on April 3, 2015

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