• Cop Log 3/22/14 – 3/28/04

    3/22/14 – 3/28/04
    Tuppence a bag
    Citizen complained about seeds and peanuts on the ground in the street near
    her home. She believes that her neighbor has been feeding the birds and was told
    to call the police to report each time she noticed the seeds.
    Suspicious person
    A report came in that a suspicious man was going door to door reportedly
    raising money for college expenses. He offered to watch the dogs of one resident
    and asked a lot of questions concerning them. The resident was concerned that
    he was casing her place.
    Cell phone found
    A phone was found on the beach and turned into police for safe keeping.
    Text threats
    Citizen reported a series of threats via text messages from somebody she
    knew. The threats expressed the looming bodily harm that was on its way.
    Driver was contacted during a traffic stop and was determined to be intoxicated.
    He was escorted to the police station to be arrested, booked, and released.
    iPod seeking company
    An iPod was found on Ocean View Boulevard. It is currently keeping the
    lost cell phone company at the police station.
    Crabby drivers
    Police arrived at a home to find three large, live Dungeness crabs on the
    windshields of three cars. It is expected to be a prank as the crabs cannot drive
    due to their short arms.
    Little blue wheelchair guy missing
    A citizen has reported that their handicapped parking placard has gone
    missing at Lighthouse Ave.
    Suspicious person at Crocker Avenue
    A citizen reported that there was a knock on her door around midnight. She
    refused to answer the door and the knocker asked her if she ordered a pizza.
    When she looked outside she saw a man sitting in his car with a full beard and
    a baseball cap.
    No, you didn’t win.
    A text message was received stating that a sweepstakes prize had been won.
    Likely a scam, it was reported and logged .
    Burglary on Grand Avenue?
    Police were called to a burglary in progress. When they arrived it was determined
    that a landlord and a tenant were involved in a dispute. The landlord
    was admonished and the tenant was advised of legal options.
    Where’s the fire?
    A juvenile exited the MST bus and ran into Lighthouse Ave. without checking
    traffic. He ran full on into the side of a slow moving truck. He was knocked
    silly for a moment but fine afterwards.
    Found purse
    A purse was found on Forest Ave and taken into safe keeping by police. It
    has joined with the phone and iPod to have an impromptu party.
    Doggie surprises abound
    Dogs were let off leash on both Funston and Fountain Ave’s. Little doggie
    bombs were left on neighbors yards. Both owners were reminded that dogs
    must be leashed and any little doggie grossness must be picked up immediately.
    Parking and sleeping
    A blue truck was parked on Asilomar Ave for several weeks. The driver was
    informed that it is against the law to sleep in vehicles. He informed police that
    he does not always sleep in the vehicle and that a new replacement engine was
    on the way to be installed into the truck.
    Getting the bird
    Two roommates were involved in a fight over a bird that makes too much
    noise. One of the roommates and his girlfriend were transported to the hospital
    as a result of injuries. Bird says he never laid a feather on either of them.

    posted to Cedar Street Times on April 4, 2014

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