• Cop Log 3/23-3/29/14

    A California drivers license was reported lost.
    A prickly affair
    A person on Walnut Street reported that someone attempted to steal his
    potted cactus from his front porch overnight. It’s a heavy thing, and when the
    reporting party got up in the morning he saw it had been knocked over and
    there were shoe prints in the dirt. Suspect may have prickly things sticking
    out of their hands.
    Towed, not washed away
    A broken water main on Eardley necessitated the towing of a car that
    was parked on top of the break. Officers were unable to locate the owner so,
    pursuant to vehicle code, they had the vehicle towed so that Cal Am could
    repair the break.
    Practicing her parallel parking?
    An elderly female driver ran into a building on Forest, then backed up
    and into a parked vehicle. Damage was minor and the building inspector said
    the building was damaged only cosmetically.
    No approved chicken permit on file:
    Don’t eat the chicken soup!
    A person on Buena Vista complained about his neighbor’s three chickens
    and one rooster, in particular the crowing of the rooster. The neighbor had
    said he’s seek a chicken permit, but as of the complaint to police there is no
    chicken permit on file.
    Unneighborly neighbor
    A woman on 19th said she was fearful of her neighbor’s behavior but did
    not want the police to speak to him. She learned that he has many court cases,
    felony charges and restraining orders from out of county for various neighbor
    disputes he has had. She was educated on how to get a restraining order.
    No good deed…
    A driver on Lighthouse stopped for a pedestrian and was rear-ended by
    another driver. The pedestrian was not hit and the damage to the vehicles was
    Found meth
    A storeowner on Central reported there were several customers in the
    store at once, and when they eventually left, the storeowner found a baggie
    with what they thought was crystal meth. Yup.
    It didn’t end there
    Reporting party said she had been cleared of criminal charges in a certain
    case but that the purported suspect continues to harass her and spread rumors.
    Possible theft of ID to file taxes
    When a taxpayer had her income tax preparer file electronically, the IRS
    said it had already been filed. Someone probably stole the data trying to keep
    her refund.
    Theft of stuff
    A supposed victim on Cedar st. said that several belongings were stolen
    from her home over the course of a year. She did not have evidence to support
    her claims, but showed the officer several items that were broken in a
    display case. No sign of forced entry.
    Wait. You’re supposed to go forward.
    A vehicle backed into another vehicle at a stop sign on Congress.
    Several articles of clothing and a purse were taken from an unlocked,
    parked vehicle on Central.
    Animal chomp
    CHOMP reported victim had a bite on left pointer finger. The bite allegedly
    happened on Cedar St.
    Needs a ride home from work
    Victim reported that his vehicle was stolen near his place of employment
    on Asilomar.
    Ammo turned in
    Grandpa’s ammo placed in safekeeping for destruction.
    Yelling in the street
    There were two incidents of men standing in the street, yelling. One was
    on Laurel and one on Congress.

    posted to Cedar Street Times on April 11, 2014

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