• Cop Log 3/27/15 – 4/03/15

    Cat vs Coyote
    A domestic cat was attacked and done in by wild coyotes. Owner alerted police so that animal control could be notified.

    Bicycle vs Parked Car
    Don Quixote reminds us never to tilt at parked windmills.

    Ace Is Not The Place For That
    Suspect attempted to liberate merchandise from the local Ace Hardware. Employees would have none of that. Police weren’t too thrilled either.

    Seal Fence is Unsealed
    Bridezilla may be responsible for destroying 30 feet of fencing because it was up on her wedding day. She was advised that it was up for the seals protection and would not be removed. She said she would tear down the fencing at China Cove if it was not removed. Fencing was later found destroyed.

    Barking Boxer Goes Bonkers
    A boxer and his small companion were barking up a storm last Saturday. A neighbor called and a citation was issued. Dogs were advised to knock it off. They disagreed.

    More Tilting
    Feeling that the bicycle wasn’t enough, a driver used his vehicle to tilt at another parked windmill.

    Unknown Knocker
    A woman reported that a stranger knocked on her door and asked for her husband who was out of town. Neither she nor her husband knows the knocker.

    Anton Burglarized
    Former Anton Inn and current construction site was relieved of 40 doorknobs and a water faucet. Looks like somebody really is a knob.

    Pushing Fight
    Two gentlemen decided to act ungentlemanly and shoved each other around. Police gave them an etiquette lesson and sent them on their way.

    Found Property
    Owner and property were reunited after said property decided to go on an adventure on our lovely Rec Trail.

    Lost Child
    After a brief panic by two worried parents, a lost child at Lover’s Point became a found child at Lover’s Point.

    DUI Hit And Run
    Tipsy driver struck a parked vehicle on Forest Ave. Thanks to witnesses, police located driver a few blocks away. Driver was given a lovely set of bracelets and invited to sample all the hospitality the police had to offer.

    Unattended House Not So Empty
    Neighbor reported to police that a front door looked to be wide open. Police arrived, searched, and secured the house. Owner notified and she will be more diligent in the future.

    Untagged Car
    Car was discovered parked on street with six month old expired registration. Car towed and owner not so happy.

    Unlocked Car
    Stuff stolen… huh, whodda thought??

    Burning Trash
    Garbage can set on fire on Wood Street. Garbage smells bad enough, but burning plastic… whew!!


    posted to Cedar Street Times on April 10, 2015

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