• Cop Log 3/6/15 – 3/13/15

    He did it, not me
    Vehicle stopped for code violation had four occupants in it. Two turned out to be gang members. A further search revealed an airsoft gun under one of the seats. Everyone said “Not me,” but when separated they ratted each other out and said they were going to hold people up for money. Case was sent to PRVNT for followup.

    Alarm activation
    Shell Ave.
    Pico Ave.
    Chestnut St.
    Pine Ave.
    Chestnut St.
    Ransford Ave.

    Towing the mark
    Abandoned vehicle on Lobos. Marked and towed.
    Illegally parked vehicle towed.
    Illegally parked abandoned vehicle towed. Not only that, but the tags didn’t belong to that vehicle.
    At apartment complex on David.

    Bark Bark Bark
    Found dog, no chip , on Bayview. Taken to SPCA.
    Three people came into the police lobby to talk about barking dogs.
    Neighbors reported a dog locked in black Suzuki. The owner was located and had been sleeping. Said she didn’t know how the dog got in the car, and she had reported it missing at 10 that morning. The temperature was 98 degrees inside the car. Owner admonished. Will they test the dog for ability to get into locked cars?

    Smiling Driver Inspires Fear
    A student was made to feel uncomfortable by a male driver who slowed down and smiled at her, then circled around and did it again. Area check made but no one matching his description was found.

    Theft of bicycle
    Unlocked. Duh. On Fountain Ave.

    A piece of jewelry on Lighthouse.

    Personal property on Syida.
    More personal property found by Public Works.
    Someone found an MP3 player and gave it to a parking enforcement officer.

    Drunk and disorderly
    On 17 Mile Drive. Slept it off while lodged at Monterey PD.

    Disagreement over a bed
    Police were called about a peace disturbance over a piece of property. The person moving out agreed to leave behind a bed frame and dresser (which was what the fuss was all about) without intention of returning to get it. The other person agreed to take said bed and dresser.

    Going to do some landscaping?
    Garden tools were taken from an unlocked shed on Beaumont.

    Grand Theft
    A bicycle was stolen from a garage, not on Grand but on Redwood Lane.
    More tools taken
    On Lincoln Ave, from an unoccupied dwelling.

    Found stuff
    An ID card was found. The owner was contacted and came and got it.
    An ID card was found. The owner was contacted and it was returned by mail.
    A cell phone was found on Ocean View. The owner called the police department (how did he do that?) and retrieved the cell phone.
    A drivers license was found.

    Harassing texts to wrong number
    A woman reported harassing texts and phone calls were coming from an area code similar to hers but not the same. Police contacted the caller and told them to knock it off. He mumbled something about Facebook and that was the end of that.

    Good neighbor fence makes neighbor complain
    Neighbors are in dispute over a fence and a property line. One person claims the fence was built on the property line and stakes were used near a PG&E line. He has removed the bamboo fence twice. The builder of the fence claims the neighbor and/or his daughter keep trespassing on his side of the property line. The complaining property owner wants a survey.

    Stuff snooped through
    Several storage areas in the front lobby of a business on Lighthouse were gone through. The safe was intact and the reporting party was unable to say whether anything was taken from the storage areas. The doors had been unlocked.

    Hazardous fluids dumped
    Several jugs of windshield wiper fluid and antifreeze were dumped in the driveway of an apartment complex. Monterey Fire was called to help with the cleanup.

    Palm-sized dent
    A palm frond fell on a car on Pine Ave. and made a dent.

    Vehicle fire on Lobos
    Owner tried water but eventually resorted to a fire extinguisher. Vehicle had recently been worked on for a wiring problem.

    Maybe she just likes to have the police visit
    A woman reported a break-in, but all the doors and windows were locked from the inside. Officer advised her to get a security camera, as she has reported similar events in the past, none of which had merit.

    IRS scam
    This is the one where nasty people call and threaten jail time for unpaid taxes. Potential victim didn’t fall for it.

    Tree limb in roadway
    On Forest: Apropros.

    Tree limb on sidewalk
    On Lighthouse. Thank heavens it wasn’t a lighthouse.


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