• Cop Log

    Cop Log

    Thou shalt recycle
    A man arrived at the police station upset that his bag of recyclables was
    missing. After a few minutes, his pastor called him and said he would handle
    it. Must be putting in a good word with the Man Upstairs.
    Who would think to look there?
    Property was stolen from the open bed of a pickup truck.
    Bike stolen
    A bike chain was cut near Grand and 5th. No clues, no suspects, and no
    bike found.
    Purse reunited with owner
    A lost purse from 17 Mile Drive was reunited with owner.
    California Stop. Not on my watch!
    A car was pulled over for failing to completely stop at a stop sign. Driver
    had an expired license and was ticketed. Car was towed away.
    Trying to find a method to the madness
    Police responded to a man in the road was who was “all methed out”.
    Suspect was on probation and was searched. He was not under the influence
    and no illegal substances were found.
    Just to be rude
    Vehicle window smashed and nothing was taken.
    What kind of gas?
    Caller reported the strong smell of gas, enough to give her a headache.
    Fire department couldn’t detect anything. She was recommended to spend the
    night somewhere else.
    Noisy blower
    Police were called to a house near a parking lot near Country Club Gate.
    Neighbor has been complaining about the noise level. Officers did not find it excessive
    and maintenance offered to change the time of day that the lot is cleaned.
    What kind of plants were they?
    A man reported that his neighbor was yelling at him over her missing
    potted plants. He claims no knowledge of the existence of the plants or their
    current whereabouts.
    Naked riding gear found
    Leather motorcycle equipment was found and turned in to PGPD. Leathers
    were embarrassed to be without their rider.
    Towed-aly expired
    A trailer was left on 4th Street filled with gardening debris. A neighbor complained
    and the police arrived. The trailer was found to have tags that expired
    over five years ago. The trailer was towed to impound.
    Stolen purse
    A vehicle was broken into on Sunset Drive. A purse was stolen.
    And loudness proceeded
    A son and father were arguing with gusto. Police responded and separated
    the two. Son agreed to leave for the night.
    Drunk driver
    Vehicle was observed speeding on Lighthouse Ave. Driver was pulled
    over to get his gift from the police department but was instead discovered to be
    under the influence of alcohol. Even better than that, he was unlicensed. After
    refusing a field test he was cited.
    Ammo found
    Somebody turned in some ammunition they found while metal detecting
    on Alder Street. It will be destroyed.
    What is with all the plants lately?
    A homeowner called for assistance in removing an unwanted female guest.
    Shortly after she arrived, she smashed several potted plants. She was cited and
    invited to leave.
    Fighting and drunk
    A man reported that he was asleep when his brother-in-law came home
    intoxicated. Thangs were said, punches were thrown, and injuries were aplenty.
    More drinkin’ and drivin’
    Yet another vehicle was pulled over and the driver was found to be intoxicated.
    Coyotes are back, RUN!
    Four coyotes were observed near Crespi turnout. They may be plotting
    an invasion.
    Yep, even more drinking and driving
    In an effort to complete a trifecta, another driver was stopped for DUI. He
    was found to be so and given a free ride to the police station. There he got a
    lovely photo taken, and was booked and released.
    Scary driver
    A driver was seen operating her vehicle in a less than safe manor. She was
    given a request for DMV reevaluation.

    posted to Cedar Street Times on March 21, 2014

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