• Cop Log 4/05/14 – 4/11/04

    4/05/14 – 4/11/04
    Rings Around the Toilet
    A woman reported that she had lost two rings. Possibly in the ladies room
    near Prescott Ave.
    Tumble Taken
    A woman fell and badly injured herself in a parking lot near 16th St. Bleeding,
    swollen, and in pain, she was taken to the hospital for treatment.
    Hit and Run and Stop
    Driver reported that he was hit by another car that did not stop. After following
    the suspected basher, the first driver was able to get them to stop. A quick
    exchange of info and then the bashee went to the doctor for treatment.
    Lost Cell Phone Looking for Good Home
    A caller wanted to report that her phone had escaped near Grove Acre Ave.
    If found, please return to the police station. Congratualations and warm feelings
    offered as compensation for doing the right thing.
    Taking Hit and Run to a Whole New Level
    A parked police car was struck by another vehicle. The driver then moved
    his car and parked up the street. A witness saw the entire affair and let the officer
    know what had happened to the car.
    First Lost, Now Stolen
    An iPad had been reported lost at Good Old Days. The owner sent his information
    to the iPad asking for it’s return. After getting no reply, he now believes
    it is stolen.
    Car Assaulted Near Jewell
    A driver left his car and returned to find that one of the side view mirrors
    had been shattered.
    Stolen Car
    A vehicle was stolen overnight on David Ave. The owner only has one set
    of keys and there was no report of repossession.
    Stolen Items, Then on eBay
    An employee was stealing items from work and then taking them to a local
    pawn shop. They were then sold on eBay.

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