• Cop Log 4/10/15 – 4/17/15

    Burglar Doin’ His Thing
    Burglar was located and arrested near Fountain Ave.

    Hit and Run, Hit and Went
    Non injury hit and run was investigated by police near Lighthouse Ave.

    Vehicle Taken Into Custody
    Car towed near Lighthouse Ave. and taken to car jail after it was parked illegally.

    DUI on Sunset
    Driver was stopped and evaluated on Sunset Ave. Driver was more than a little tipsy and therefore given a free trip downtown.

    Car Vandalized
    Car was vandalized on Gate St.

    Cell Phone Runs Away
    Ocean Avenue was the perfect place for an escape. Cell phone takes advantage and slips away.

    And The Winner… Box Truck
    A delivery box truck picked a fight with a fire hydrant on Lighthouse Ave. The fire hydrant was roughed up repairs are being made.

    Lost Child Becomes Found Child
    Good Samaritans brought an eight-year-old girl who had been separated from her parents to the police. Mother arrived there a short time later and the family was reunited.

    Thieves Strike the Festivities
    Jewelry was reported missing from the table of one of the vendors at our annual celebration.

    Minor Drinking is a Major Deal
    A minor was found to be in possession of alcohol on Lighthouse Ave. Just shy of 21 is still too young.

    Bad Parking Leads to Angry Neighbors
    Family renting a vacation home parks on sand dunes and plants. Neighbors more than a little irked.

    Still Not Legal
    Police seized a large amount of suspected marijuana on Arkwright Court. Suspect was cited and released.

    Absent Minded Parker
    Police arrived at Congress Ave. to help locate a missing car. After a short search, the car was found safe and sound.

    Backpacking On It Own?
    A backpack was found to be exploring PG on its own. The owner was called to share in the adventure. Both walked of into the sunset together.

    Suspicious Suspect Suspected
    A nurse and a resident on David Ave reported seeing someone trying to open the window of a room but never gaining access. Suspect not located but the search continues.

    A Rash of DUIs
    Officers responded to an accident where the driver was found to be over the limit. Arrested and taken downtown.

    Another Lost Phone
    Not so smart phone got lost at Good Old Days. Owner still looking.

    Doggy Birdman
    Officer located a dog running around the neighborhood. He tailed the dog home. With nobody home to secure the escape artist, Dogdinni was taken for a short visit to the pound. Owner arrived and posted bail, got a citation, and liberated the little jail breaker.

    Social Security Number Used
    A citizen reported that their social security number had been used to file a fraudulent tax claim.

    Dog Found and Unclaimed
    A large Golden Retriever was found on Evergreen Rd. No tags and owner unknown.

    Plates Stolen
    The license plated were stolen off of a car on Carmel Ave.

    posted to Cedar Street Times on April 24, 2015

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