• Cop Log 4/12/14-4/18/14

    Rowdy Chickens
    A person on Buena Vista complained that his neighbor’s chickens have been
    disturbing his peace. He was advised of procedure for filing a complaint and
    agreed to talk with the chickens’ owner before filing.
    Non-Permitted Chickens
    Responding to a complaint of noisy chickens, officer found no permit on
    file for the chickens. Owner was advised on how to apply for a permit and ways
    to keep them that would not disturb the neighbors.
    Neighborhood Chicken Barbecue
    Just kidding.
    Lost, Found, Misappropriated
    A wallet went missing on Lighthouse Ave.
    A wallet was found on Lighthouse Ave.
    A license plate was stolen on Sunset.
    “Found property” at the park on 16th St. was turned in and taken to the city
    yard. Must have been big or they’d have kept it at the station.
    Plant stolen from back yard on Pine.
    Ring found in Sheriff’s jurisdiction. Possibly washed ashore.
    Lost coin purse/wallet reported lost.
    Rings missing from jewelry box on Monterey Ave. Possible suspect.
    Bicycle found on Laurel.
    Bicycle stolen on Asilomar.
    Money found on Congress.
    California drivers license found near Thai Bistro.
    Checkbook and cash reported taken from a purse in a care facility on Gibson.
    Found property turned in: A bag of marijuana, a wallet, a knife’s sheath,
    and a marijuana pipe. PGPD had been advised earlier of a self-committal missing
    these items.
    Electronic welfare card found.
    Purple bike painted black was found in the McDonald’s parking lot. It can
    now be found at the city yard.
    A scarf was found and turned in. It was not the one I lost last month.
    Facebook harassment
    Victim reported continuing harassment by a school mate on her Facebook
    Battery by student on student
    A student punched another student in the face. The school resource officer
    issued a citation and met with the students and their respective parents. The
    student who did the punching received disciplinary action.
    Curfew violations
    Two separate incidents of curfew violations by juveniles were reported, one
    on Lincoln, one on Hawthorne (Presidio Police).
    Theft from unlocked vehicle
    On 17 Mile Dr. Didn’t we just do this?

    posted to Cedar Street Times on April 25, 2014

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