• Cop Log 4/17/15-4/24/15

    Smile, you’re on CCTV
    A burglary alarm sounded on 15th Street and the front entry door was found broken. Security footage showed four subjects making forced entry into the pharmacy and grabbing large amounts of medications and other items.

    Thefts from…you guessed it…unlocked vehicles
    Wallet stolen from unlocked vehicle on Granite. Charges made at Walmart.
    Theft from unlocked vehicle on Willow St.
    Theft from an unlocked vehicle on Granite.
    Personal property stolen from an unlocked vehicle on Sinex.
    Theft from unlocked vehicle on Evergreen.
    Medical item valued at $8,000 taken from parked, unlocked vehicle on Pine.
    Items and credit card stolen from unlocked vehicle on Laurel Credit card was used at a gas station.
    Personal property stolen from unlocked vehicle on Granite St.
    Gas stolen on Granite St.

    Theft No Theft
    A woman reported someone had stolen her purse. She checked and re-checked area and an officer checked and rechecked stores and trash cans near where she had visited. Later the woman called and said she had found the purse.

    Bark Bark Bark Report
    Dog at large on Alder St. Microchip located and dog returned to owner, along with a warning citation and fees.
    A driver on Sunset reported he’d struck a big brown dog at large on Sunset. The dog took off.

    At Country Cub Gate, Heather Escobar was booked for driving a motor vehicle with BAC over .08.
    In the drive-through of a fast food restaurant, a medical emergency was reported but it turned out to be Clinton Whatley driving under the influence. Book, cited, released

    When is a yucca plant a tree?
    Reporting party told her neighbor she was going to prune a yucca plant that was encroaching on her property and growing close to her roof. The owner/neighbor spray painted the trunk and cut a large branch from the bottom Now the reporting party wants to know if it was actually a tree, based on the size of the branches. She was referred to the City arborist.

    Someone may be having a hard time getting around
    A Breezy 600 wheelchair, charbroil BBQ cover, and a small crutch were found in Berwick Park near the Rec Trail. The property was taken by PD for safekeeping.

    A sword was turned in for destruction by a local thrift shop.

    Cat caught bat. Bat bit cat.
    Held cat pending bat examination. Bat was found to be rabies-free. Cat released. Bat assumed DOA.

    Gas Leak
    A person drove off from a gas station with the gas pump still in the gas tank . Big mess, like 30-50 gallons, before emergency shutoff. Water supply not threatened.

    posted to Cedar Street Times on May 1, 2015

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