• Cop Log 4/19/14-4/25/14

    Locked out
    A citizen needed help getting into his bedroom as the handle had fallen off.
    The responding officer was able to help him out.
    Out of control dogs
    A dog owner called the police department to document out-of-control dogs
    that tried to attack her dogs. They were not successful.
    Snatch and grab
    A car on Sunset had its window smashed and a purse was stolen.
    Stolen clothes
    Women’s clothing was stolen from the trunk of a car on David Ave. Maybe
    the trunk was locked, maybe it wasn’t.
    Wallets in the mail
    A postal carrier turned in a number of wallets which had been left in various
    mailboxes over a period of months.
    Lost cell phone
    A person who lost her cell phone in Pebble Beach wanted to report it to
    PGPD in case someone turned it in here. She was also advised to contact the
    sheriff’s office as they have jurisdcition in Pebble Beach.
    Ring found
    A man’s ring was found on a sign on Ocean View Blvd.
    Abandoned bicycle
    On Sunset, a bike was reported abandoned. It was taken to the City yard.
    Tossed bicycle
    City workers found a bicycle which had apparently been tossed over the
    retaining wall into the ocean at Ocean View Blvd.
    Found camera
    On Sunset.
    Found binoculars
    Later claimed.
    Arguing over a water heater
    A landlord reported that a water heater in a business suite he rented out belonged
    to him, according to a new lease made before the tenant moved out. The
    former tenant produced a receipt for the items, showing he had paid for them,
    and thats why he removed them. As it’s a civil matter, the police took no action.
    Abandoned vehicle
    On Laurel, an abandoned vehicle with registration that had been expired for
    more than a year was towed.
    Rash of non-injury accidents
    4/21/14 on Lighthouse. Airbags deployed, but no injuries.
    4/21/14 on Central Ave. One vehicle towed.
    4/21/14 on Presidio Blvd. Solo motorcycle accident: Rider lost control in
    gravel. Minor damage to the bike, none to the rider. Counter report made as it
    was a rented motorcycle.
    On 4/23/14 on Buena Vista.
    On 4/23/14 on Crocker Ave.
    Hit and Run on Forest on 4/24/14.
    Rash of welfare checks and domestic disturbances
    On Park St.
    On Arkwright Ct.
    On Ransford Ave.
    On Caledonia St.
    On Moreland Ave.
    On David Ave.
    On Grand Ave.
    On Ransford Ave.
    On Glen Lake Dr.
    On Lighthouse Ave.
    on Evans Ave.
    Child neglect
    Children left in a car on Forest with no food or water, the windows rolled
    up and the car locked.
    Gassing gophers?
    A person on Spruce Ave reported that a water hose was attached to another
    person’s car exhaust pipe and trained to a gopher hole. The engine was apparently
    running but the owner was not around. The officer removed the hose from both
    the vehicle and the gopher hole and turned the vehicle off.

    posted to Cedar Street Times on May 2, 2014

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