• Cop Log 4/3/15 – 4/10/15

    Theft/Burglary and Other Skullduggery
    A bicycle was stolen from a carport on Grove Lane.
    Theft of stuff from an unlocked vehicle on Park St.
    Ditto on Lobos Ave.
    Ditto on Park St.
    Ditto on 18th St.
    Ditto on Sinex.
    Stolen stuff found a few blocks from where it was taken. Owner contacted.
    Theft from residence on Olmstead.
    Theft of bicycle at elementary school.
    Theft of owners manual, registration, and insurance card from unlocked vehicle on Pine Ave. some time over the weekend.
    Interesting: a male subject was seen breaking into a house on Fountain. Officer captured him and the witness identified him. Also found was stolen property the suspect admitted he had taken from unlocked vehicles in the area.

    Alarms. False and otherwise
    Alarm on 12th St. Building was secure.
    Alarm on Beach St., Building secure.
    Alarm on Acacia St.

    Bark Bark Bark
    A person annoyed by barking dogs on Montecito signed a citation.
    A female Maltipoo (where do they get these names?) was loose on the world. Owner contacted and picked up the dog and paid fees.
    A man was contacted about walking two dogs off leash. He had been contacted before and this time he got a citation.
    A dog did a scarper from Laurel Ave. but later returned to its owner.

    Not the nicest of welcomes
    A person answered a Craigslist ad for a vacation rental. Correspondence was via email. Hopeful renter sent a check to a third party in Southern California, but when they got to town they found it had been a scam.

    Much ado about something
    Two reporting parties called police about a domestic dispute, with yelling and cursing. Both reported a shotgun being racked and someone yelling “Die!” and “I’m going to kill you!” A crying female was seen leaving the house. Officers called the occupants by phone and then called them out of the house one at a time. Both were handcuffed. The resident consented to a sweep of the residence. No one else was there and no firearm was found. The son admitted he was yelling about his missing phone charger.

    Impersonating a smoker
    A man entered the employee smoking area of a business on Lighthouse. He left. Nobody knew him. The owner lectured everyone about keeping the door secured.

    Lost and found, but not necessarily by the owner
    Lost wallet on Ocean View Blvd.
    A cell phone was lost on Granite.
    Keys were turned in at the police office.

    Flaming Bimmer
    A BMW caught fire in the parking lot of Country Club Gate. Engine compartment was afire. Owner said he had noticed an odd smell as they approached the parking lot and the car began smoking as they parked.

    Chomped by a cat
    A cat bit the vet as it was being prepped for a procedure. Now the naughty cat will be quarantined for 10 days.

    Not a public rest room
    A man used the boys rest room in the C Wing at the high school. He told staff he just had to use the bathroom. No one knew him, and he left in a silver Subaru before officers arrived.

    Rec Trail not for cars
    A vehicle drove through the fence and damaged a concrete wall, ending up on the Rec Trail. Driver was contacted and found to be DUI. Niklesh Raja Pahalad was booked and cited and the vehicle was impounded.

    posted to Cedar Street Times on April 17, 2015

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