• Cop Log

    Special event “No Parking” signs not to be ignored,
    even by people who think they’re special
    A vehicle was towed from Ocean View Blvd., having been parked in an
    area posted for no parking due to a special event.
    Credit card found
    At Eardley Ave. Owner claimed it the next day.
    Thief didn’t look like stolen drivers license
    A wallet was stolen and the thief tried to withdraw a lot of money from
    the bank. Luckily, the bank teller realized the thief didn’t look like the drivers
    license and called the victim.
    Poodle found
    A white poodle was found on Surf Ave. and housed at the kennel at the
    City Yard until claimed by its owner.
    Gun slide went diving
    A diver found a gun slide in the water 20 ft. east of the stage at Lovers
    Shoplifted magazines (not the gun type)
    Suspect was observed shoplifting magazines on Forest Ave. The business
    owner did not want to press charges, but did want a “no trespass” admonishment.
    Business disturbed
    Some guy was hollering and being violent inside a business at Country
    Club Gate. He was arrested and transported to the station where he was released
    on a citation.
    Broken wheel chair still unclaimed
    Someone turned in a wheelchair with a sticky right wheel arm that he’d
    found on Sinex. Attempts to locate the owner were unsuccessful.
    Bicycle still unclaimed, too
    A bicycle was also found on Sinex. Records inquiry gave negative results.
    Entered into CLETS and stored.
    Road rage on Pine Ave
    A driver reported that another driver tried to pass him on Hwy. 68 entering
    town (a no-passing area) and then began “flipping off” the reporting party,
    tailgating, trying to force him off the road and being a general jerk. The offending
    and offensive driver was nowhere to be found.
    Individual representing themselves as from the IRS tried to scam money
    from an elderly woman who lives on Funston. She didn’t fall for it.
    A woman received an email saying she’d won a cash prize and needed
    to provide $500on her Visa and another $1500 for insurance. She didn’t fall
    for it either.
    There were other reports of the IRS scam, and one report of the Jury
    Duty scam. There was a report of an attempted scam involving a phone call
    from Homeland Security as well.
    Expired registration = towed vehicle
    A vehicle with registration expired 16 months ago was towed from
    Hillcrest Ave.
    Non-matching VIN = towed motorcycle
    A motorcycle with a registration that didn’t match the VIN was towed
    from 18th St. No indication as to why they were checking.
    Errant iPad found, returned
    An iPad was found on Sloat Ave. It was later returned to the owner.
    If an officer answers…
    A cell phone was found and turned in. Eventually, the owner called it
    and was told it was at the police station.
    Two subjects got involved in a physical confrontation, but neither wanted
    to press charges. It is unknown if they continued the fight elsewhere.
    Pagoda purloined
    Someone stole a cement pagoda from a yard on Miles Ave. on 4/29/14.
    In an unreported, separate incident, a woman on Marino Pines said someone
    stole a planter full of plants from her yard. She didn’t report it because
    she said she couldn’t afford to water it anyway.
    Theft of water
    A property owner on Wood St. says she received an exorbitant bill from
    the water company. She had several people check for leaks and there were
    none, so she assumes that someone stole the water.
    Garage sale signs switched
    A woman on Junipero put up garage sale signs, and discovered later that
    someone had torn her signs down and replaced them with signs directing
    buyers to another garage sale elsewhere.
    Dead giveaway
    A driver parked his truck in a parking lot on Central. When he returned,
    there was a dent in the right rear panel and some white paint. He thinks a
    white car hit his truck.

    posted to Cedar Street Times on May 9, 2014

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