• Cop Log 5/15/15 – 5/20/15

    Officer sideswipes pole
    Exiting PD parking lot onto Forest, officer scraped a marker pole. Documented with photos

    Not the greatest place to charge a battery
    A man plugged his rechargeable battery and charger into an outdoor outlet at County Club Gate and left it there for about 30 minutes. When he came back, both were gone. It is unknown if that was enough time to charge the battery or not.

    Sex crime
    Juvenile arrested for inappropriate touching of another family member.

    Ouster vote pending?
    A man was notified by a social club that he belongs to that there would be a committee review of his membership due to unbecoming behavior. He parked at the president’s house, blocking the driveway, and voiced his displeasure.

    Left purse in grocery cart
    A man and wife went grocery shopping on Forest and when they left, she forgot to get her purse out of the cart.

    Feeding critters
    Animal Control Officer witnessed a man feeding wildlife from the balcony of his apartment. He ignored the ACO. A citation was issued and the manager’s help was enlisted to make the person understand about codes against feeding wildlife.

    Theft from unlocked vehicle (this phrase on auto paste on our computer)
    On 16th St.

    IRS Scam
    A computerized voice called a local person and alleged the person was being sued by the IRS. The number it came from is 209-801-1884. A Google search showed many complaints about this scammer and this phone number.

    Lost dogs with tendency to wander
    A person in Skyline Forest area called police to advise two dogs were missing and may try to make their way to Pacific Grove.

    Bicycles in the news
    A bicycle was reported stolen on Sea Palm. No leads.
    Subject was riding on the dirt path on the shoulder of a ridge on the north side of the Rec Trail. He lost control and went over a 20-foot cliff and landed on the rocks below. He suffered abrasions and a possible broken ankle and was lifted off the rocks by Monterey Fire. Transported to hospital. Bike kept for safekeeping.
    A bicyclist on Ocean View said he was riding eastbound and when he approached a parked vehicle, he maneuvered around it. At that time a vehicle also traveling eastbound approached and nearly hit him. He fell off his bike and scraped his arm. the front fork and tire broke off the bicycle.
    Victim was riding her bicycle on Sunset. Her purse fell off her bicycle and she was unable to find it. A resident in the area found it and turned it in to the police. The victim reclaimed it and said that a number of items were missing.

    posted to Cedar Street Times on May 29, 2015

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