• Cop Log 5/2/15 – 5/8/15

    Lost & Found
    A wallet found in Seaside was turned in here and later sent over to Seaside.

    Alert! Window Open.

    A glass breakage alarm was activated on Forest Ave. Building was secure.

    Suspicious male
    A suspicious male was reported standing in the doorway of a business on Light- house, talking about contaminated water and witchcraft. He was told to leave.

    Trip and fall at coast
    An elderly woman lost her footing and hit her head on the rocks She was unconscious for a few moments but regained consciousness by the time emergency personnel arrived. She was bleeding from a cut on her head and was transported to the hospital by ambulance.

    Does therapy dog need therapy?
    A dog was reported closed in a vehicle on Hillcrest. The owner advised the dog is taken out every two hours for a walk, and that food and water is left in the car. The back windows and back latch are left open. The dog is training to become a therapy dog.

    Suspicious man at school
    School resource officer advised of a suspicious male in front of the school on Congress. He was not friendly. He is known to officers. He was advised not to hang around any more.

    He said, she said
    Citizens each call the police on each other for disturbing each other’s peace on 19th St.

    Altered check cashed
    A check drawn on 1/20/15 was altered and cashed.

    Tree issue on Shell
    A resident on Shell reported that a gardener hired by his neighbor destroyed his tree. The neighbor told police that if the tree needed to be replaced, she’d do so. The arborist advised that neighbors can cut up to 25 percent of a tree with no permit and can cut the tree on their side of the fence.


    posted to Cedar Street Times on May 15, 2015

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