• Cop Log 5/22/15 to 5/29/15

    Taking his canoe for a ride
    A person was hauling a canoe and as he made a left turn, the rear of the canoe struck a parked car.

    Presumed cocaine found on pier
    A man found something on the pier that he thought was drugs. As there are children in the area, he wanted to protect them. The substance tested presumtive for cocaine.

    Campfire at George Washington Park
    A campfire was intentionally started at George Washington Park and was extinguished by Monterey Fire. Police have a strong clue as to the perpetrator as they left a knife with initials carved in it.

    Scooter scooted
    A three-wheeled scooter was stolen from a driveway on Shell Ave. during the night.

    Stealthy cat chomps property owner
    A cat lurking in the closet was bitten by the reporting party. After a lot of investigation and checking with neighbors, the owner of the cat was located and proved that the cat had been vaccinated. Nonetheless, it will be quarantined for 10 days.

    Hubcaps stolen
    A person reported that hubcaps were taken from her vehicle while it was parked overnight on Pine Ave.

    Marijuana planted in patrol car?
    Officer cleaning the patrol vehicle grabbed a piece of paper in the back seat and found a clear plastic bag labeled as “plat cookies.” It contained 3.5 grams of marijuana. The bag was placed for destruction.

    The notorious light bulb scam is not a scam
    A store owner on Forest said a suspicious person claiming to represent a light bulb company and claiming to the associated with PG&E presented the store owner with a flyer which stated that the purchase of lightbulbs would be billed at full price if they were not installed. He figured it was a scam, but contact with the salesman and his parent company. Turns out “California Energy Efficiency Program” is legit.

    Interviewed on camera
    Officer reported being interviewed by KION reporter for a story on underage drinking.

    Whose garbage is it?
    Two parties reported each other over suspected illegal dumping on Lighthouse.

    Lost, found, and otherwise not in the right place
    Piece of jewelry lost on 10th.
    Found property turned in. A letter was mailed to the owner who came and picked it up.
    A wallet was stolen from a vehicle on Forest.
    Cash and necklace reported stolen from a residence on Lobos. No signs of forced entry.

    posted to Cedar Street Times on June 5, 2015

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