• Cop Log 5/31/15-6/5/15

    Trip and Fall  
    A person carrying things tripped and fell on the sidewalk on Lobos. The subject appeared to have bit the inside of their lip and was bleeding. Transported to CHOMP. Officer noted nothing unusual about the sidewalk.

    Watch for Motorcyclists!
    A motorcyclist was injured when a pickup truck crossed lanes and hit him.

    Hit and run vehicle damage
    On Sunset.

    Get along, people!
    There was a spate of domestic quarrels and welfare checks. On 6/2/15.

    Blue Glass and Green Leafy Substance
    A citizen flagged down an officer to point out broken blue glass on Ocean View Blvd. at a turnout. A green leafy substance (probably not oregano) was also noted. It was taken for destruction.

    Vandalism on Pine
    Unknown person(s) smashed a vehicle windshield on Pine. No suspects.

    Annoying phone calls
    A parent reported receiving annoying phone calls from the parent of one of her child’s classmates. The other party was contacted and told not to call.

    Welfare check on dogs
    Neighbors reported two dogs in a garbage and feces-strewn yard on Evans Ave. The dogs had no food, water, or shelter, and there were hazards in the yard.

    What Once was Lost Now is Found
    Firearms and ammunition were surrendered for destruction by an estate trustee after the death of the owner. Serial number checks revealed that the weapons had previously been reported stolen in 2008 by the deceased owner. The deceased owner had likely been moving at the time and located the weapons when unpacking but neglected to notify the sheriff that they had been found.

    A victim exposed to a blood-borne pathogen requested a blood draw. They were transported to the hospital.

    Abandoned bike
    A bike was found on Jewell Ave. Serial number came out clear in CLETS so it was taken to the city yard

    Stolen Vespa
    A person reported theft of a Vespa scooter on 9th. At the same time, a Vespa was found dumped in a different part of town. The ignition had been punched and the scooter had been hotwired.

    Crabby Neighbors
    Part 2 said Party 1 was upset about having been called by Code Enforcement about unlicensed animals. But Party 2 said they hadn’t reported Party 1’s animals. Party 2 also said Party 1 told her not to water her plants because of the drought. They agreed to leave each other alone.

    Vehicle Theft
    A vehicle was reported stolen on Cedar Street.

    Surfboard Theft
    A surf board was stolen from the roof of a vehicle on Fountain sometime over a three-day period.

    Theft from unlocked vehicle
    Willow St.

    Code Enforcement
    Pacific Grove Code Enforcement, Monterey County Building Enforcement, and Adult Protective Services converged on a 4-bedroom home on 8th Street where five elderly men lived. It was found to be uninhabitable. APS was searching for housing for the residents.

    Dog Found
    Turned in at police station. The owner was notified and picked up the dog.

    Vehicle – 1. Stop sign – 0
    A vehicle hit a city stop sign and obliterated it. The driver was not injured.

    Hit and Run in Reverse
    An unidentified driver backed up at a high rate of speed and smashed into a parked car on Spruce. No leads.

    Not the right tab
    A driver was stopped for a vehicle violation, and it was found that the tab on the licensed plate, while current, did not belong to the car. The driver said it belonged to a friend and he was using it until he could figure out how to pay for the tab for his vehicle.

    Soapy problem
    Tenant complained that the landlord had shut off the water while she was showering Both landlord and tenant are facing eviction with the tenant disputing utilities payment plan. Landlord was advised he had to turn the water back on.

    It’s not safe out there
    A dog at large was hit by a car on Asilomar. The dog and its buddy had been running around, Dog #1 was evaluated and sent to be seen by a veterinarian, The other dog was captured and kept until the caretaker came to get it.

    Theft from unlocked vehicle 
    On Laurel.

    posted to Cedar Street Times on June 12, 2015

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