• Cop Log

    Dispute over bird bath
    Victim said his landlord had a painter come and paint an
    apartment. While he was there, the painter accidentally knocked
    a bird feeder off the staircase and it broke. Victim wanted his
    landlord to reimburse him but the landlord refused, so the
    victim withheld $50 from his rent. So the landlord gave him a
    30-day notice. Next door neighbor heard the bird feeder break
    and photographed the painter’s license because there have
    been past problems with temporary workers and this particular
    management company.
    Mystery distress call
    Children tourists reported a subject in the water calling for help.
    Fire, ambulance, state park lifeguards and police responded.
    Coast Guard sent a boat and a helicopter. A bystander with a
    drone sent it out searching. Nothing was found, no vehicles were
    left in the parking areas, no one reported anyone missing. Thus
    far no bodies have appeared on the shore.
    Lost and found
    A bicycle on 5/4/14
    A wallet on 5/4/14
    A watch on 5/6/14
    A wallet lost on 5/6/14
    A Yorkie was found on 5/7/14
    A camera fell off motorcycle on 5/8/14
    A cell phone lost on 5/9/14

    posted to Cedar Street Times on May 16, 2014

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