• Cop Log 6/13/15-6/19/15

    Fit over Water Bill
    Officers were sent to an address on Funston where neighbors heard loud yelling. The man who had been yelling said that he’d received a $600 water bill and blamed his roommate and the roommate’s girlfriend who used large amounts of water and that he was stuck with the bill.

    Lost and found
    A wallet was lost Ocean View Blvd.
    Yet another wallet was lost Ocean View Blvd.
    Yet another wallet was lost but this time on Arkwright Ct.
    No kidding, yet another wallet was lost but this time on Central.
    A wallet was found on Central and turned in. Owner came and got it.
    A wallet was lost on Central. Probably not the one mentioned above.

    Fish Retrieved
    Reporting party saw two white male adults dumping fish into the storm drain and thought maybe they were trying to poison raccoons. Three fish were retrieved by officers and the fish were examined. No trace of poison was found. Officers put the fish in a plastic bag and put them in the city’s dumpster. The raccoons will live another day. The fish not so much.

    Car door and Trunk Ajar
    Party reported finding their neighbor’s car door and trunk open. It appeared it had been rummaged.

    Thefts From…Wait…Unlocked Vehicles!
    Theft from unlocked vehicle on Presidio.
    Theft of tools from unlocked vehicle on Presidio.
    Theft of tools from unlocked vehicle on Fountain.
    Theft from unlocked vehicle on Benito.

    Bicycle vs. Bush
    A bicyclist turned to look behind him and wound up in the bushes. He was transported to the hospital and his employer picked up the bike.

    Vehicle vs. Tree; Driver DUI
    Paiea Natto was arrested, booked, cited and released after driving his car into a tree. He was released to medical staff. No word on the condition of the tree or the car.

    Citizen Assist
    An elderly man went out for a walk and got lost. Officer took him home.
    In another case, a disabled elderly man called police six times in a week because he needed help getting around his house and performing simple tasks.

    Facebook to the Rescue
    A California drivers license was found at CVS in Monterey. Finder reached the owner via Facebook and dropped the license off at the police station.

    Drunk Man in the Middle of the Road
    A man was lying unresponsive in the roadway on Ocean View Blvd. The officer eventually roused him and had him transported to CHOMP due to his highly intoxicated state.


    posted to Cedar Street Times on June 26, 2015

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