• Cop Log 6/28/14-7/4/14

    Didn’t like the call on the play?
    Vandalism was reported at the Pacific Grove High School press box.
    Battery by stranger
    A woman came up to the victim and his wife and began to verbally attack the wife.
    When the victim told her to leave his wife alone, the suspect became angry (angrier?)
    and snatched the glasses off his face, scratching him in the process. She ran away
    before police arrived.
    Bark, Bark, Bark at loose
    Two dogs were reported at loose on Pine Ave. The dogs were taken into custody
    and turned over to the SPCA.
    Cleanest gun in the neighborhood
    A wife was outside cleaning her car with a shop vaccuum when a neighbor came
    out and decided to clean his shot gun. The husband undertands that it’s okay to do that,
    but notes that every time they go outside to do anything, the neighbor comes outside
    and cleans his guns. He feels it is passive agressive behavior and it makes him uneasy.
    During a traffic enforcement stop, the driver was found to be under the influence,
    Tye Jaeman Hertel was arrested.
    The Power of Positive Tourists
    A tourist flagged down a police officer in order to turn in a Kindle with The Power
    of Positive Thinking. It was taken to the station.
    Y Turn Practice Needed
    A fuel tanker tried to make an improper turn on David Ave and got stuck on the
    sidewalk. Moderate damage was reported to the truck, the sidewalk, and the roadway.
    Building on the cheap with stolen materials?
    A woman on Pico reported that someone stole building materials from the construction
    site where she is building.
    Theft from car
    A window on a vehicle parked on sunset was smashed and a purse containing
    several credit cards was stolen.
    Caught in the act
    A man interrupted a bad guy trying to break into his car on Willow St.
    Tourist loses car, take nap
    A family of tourists from Hanford reported they had lost their car on Lighthouse..
    They called BMW Services for assistance and had to advise the vehicle was stolen
    to get BMW to help. Prior to BMW finding it, police did. Police escorted the family
    back to the vehicle. They decided to take a rest and pick up the vehicle later. We didn’t
    make this up.
    Stuff found
    A woman walking her dog found some stuff and turned it in. Police searched
    the stuff to learn who the owner might be. Phone numbers were invalid so the police
    stored the stuff.
    Stuff stolen
    Equipment was stolen from a closed, but unlocked, shop/garage and from the bed
    of a commercial truck stored inside. Stolen stuff possibly carried out and over the fence
    that surrounds the property on Sunset.
    Bark, bark, chomp
    A loose dog ran across the roadway and attacked a dog which was on a leash. The
    dog walker threw a stick at it. The owner of the at-large dog was cited.
    Tire slashed
    A woman had the oil changed in her car and when she went to pick it up, the
    mechanic pointed out a slashed tire. She believes it is vandalism.
    Stolen checks found
    A suspect from another case was found to have checks in her purse. A check
    (pardon the pun) was made with the owners of the checks and they were advised that
    the checks were stolen.
    Flowers vandalized
    A person on 13th reported that flowers growing on the side of his building had
    been broken and/or removed. He thinks he knows who did it.

    posted to Cedar Street Times on July 13, 2014

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