• Cop Log 6/5/15-6/13/15

    Drugs in vehicle
    A vehicle was stopped for traffic violations. Driver on probation with search; search yielded heroin and heroin paraphernalia along with burglary tools.

    Lost and found
    A watch lost on Lighthouse
    A purse lost near Lovers Point.
    A wallet lost near Ocean View Blvd.
    Necklace found on Park St. and turned in.
    Man called in because someone said they were the police calling about an iPad recovered from a possible vehicle theft.

    Dog takes a leap
    A dog jumped out the window of a car near Grand and Lighthouse.

    Language a barrier
    A man was thought to want to report possible child abuse but it turned out he wanted marriage advice.

    Traffic stop yielded driver DUI. Jason Woodrow Szpyt was arrested, booked, and released on a cite to appear.

    Possible date drugging
    A woman said she thought she had been drugged at a bar. She was transported to CHOMP for evaluation of blood and urine samples.

    Bark bark bark
    Dogs reported barking on Grand Ave. Dogs heard barking by officer.

    Murder of plant
    A woman on Congress reported she suspects her neighbor killed her plant. She didn’t want the suspect to be contacted.

    Suspicious flowers
    Poppy flower bushes reported growing near an apartment complex on Grove Acre. Management advised of the questionable legality of the poppy plants and he promised to have them removed.

    Suspicious plant
    A woman reported a plant she thought was marijuana growing in her yard. The police officer thought so, too.

    Attempted arson of bird house
    A person on 18th reported what appeared to be a burnt paper towel sticking out of his bird house and was concerned.

    “Job Offer” Scam
    A woman found a “job offer” on a website. She was told to cash a certain check and send the money to India. The bank advised her that the check was no good.

    Dog chases cat
    A dog at large was caught chasing a cat. Owner said it has a “high prey drive” and is easily alerted to cats and squirrels.

    posted to Cedar Street Times on June 19, 2015

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