• Cop Log 7/18/14 – 7/23/14

    7/18/14 – 7/23/14
    The Scam Not Taken
    Someone on 10th St. was solicited by a scammer telling them they’d get
    $6.5 million USD and a new Mercedes if they’d send a money order. Luckily,
    the reporting party didn’t send the money order.
    Bark Bark Bark
    Lab at Large
    A large yellow lab, neutered male, was running around on Pine. Owner
    contacted and paid fees.
    Dog Left Without Food or Water
    On Lawton Ave. a dog was left outside for two days without food or water.
    Dog was seized and turned over to the SPCA.
    Packing Alcohol
    Subject shoplifted liquor at Country Club Gate. When caught, he had it in
    his backpack. Store owner pressed charges.
    Not Your RV Dump Station
    A person was reported for dumping waste and wastewater into the storm
    drain on Ocean view Blvd. They said it was dishwater but there were things in
    it that you wouldn’t put in your dishpan. The person was cited and then later
    released after cleaning up the mess, though some had gotten into the storm sewer.
    What’s that? Found Hearing Aid
    A hearing aid was found near Hopkins Beach and was kept at the police
    station for safekeeping.
    False Imprisonment
    Victim was confronted by her handyman of 12 years, who was demanding
    money. She refused to pay and tried to call 9-1-1. He grabbed the phone and he
    closed and locked her doors. The dispatcher immediately called back and the
    handyman fled.
    Staring Problem
    A person on Syida reported that a neighbor had violated a restraining order
    by staring at the victim. The restraining order had expired.
    Vandalism and Theft Becoming Habitual
    A business on Austin Ave. reported several thefts and a vandalism over the
    past several weeks. No suspect info.
    Not Interested in Dinner Plans
    A business owner on Forest has been receiving disturbing notes from someone
    named “Joe.” They were not particularly threatening, or harassing, just …
    well… They had stopped for a few months but recently “Joe” stuck a note in the
    door that he was going to make spaghetti and meatballs for dinner.
    What Spoilsport Would Steal Lanterns?
    Someone stole a set of lanterns on Lighthouse.
    Squatters Done Squatting
    A house on Forest had been red-tagged. It appeared that someone was squatting
    there in violation of the red tag, but by the time the police were allowed in
    there was nothing but some stuff belonging to a former tenant. The landlord was
    advised that no one is to enter the residence because of the red tag.
    Malicious Mischief on Coral
    A house for sale on coral had a box full of flyers out front. Two or three
    juvenile males had been observed knocking over the post and box and pulling
    the flyers out. The box is repairable.

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