• Cop Log 7/26/14-8/8/14

    Drunk and disorderly guy sent to Monterey
    A man on Grove Acre found to be intoxicated was transported to Monterey
    to be released when he sobered up.
    CD Player face stolen
    A man on Ripple said someone took the face off his CD payer and some
    money from his unlocked vehicle.
    Gasoline stolen
    A Save Mart customer said someone had stolen gasoline from his vehicle
    while he was shopping. Surveillance video shows a white pick-up parked next
    to him that left a short time later. A partial license plate number was recorded.
    Dog stolen, escaped or abandoned?
    A black German shepherd was reported running in and out of traffic, and
    appeared to be injured. He had a microchip. The owners were on their way to
    Fresno but turned around and picked up the dog. Meanwhile, the department
    received a call from the person the microchip is registered to, who says the dog
    was stolen in Georgia. The plot thickens.
    Failure to yield in crosswalk
    Reporting party says he was nearly squashed in a crosswalk on Lighthouse
    Ave. by a delivery truck. He said he had to throw himself to the side to avoid
    “getting killed.” He said the driver was going fast and didn’t yield to him. He
    told the driver to stand by while he called the police, but the driver left. Reporting
    party complained of back pain but refused medical attention.
    Scam goes on a cruise
    A woman received a call from a man who stated that he was from Florida
    and that she had paid for a cruise in 2009 but hadn’t taken it. If she would be
    so kind as to provide her bank account number, he would return the money…
    and for a mere $100 he would reinstate her tickets. She said the caller ID was
    from Georgia. He then hung up on her.
    $100 worth of uneasy
    A woman reported withdrawing $100 cash from her bank ATM. When she
    noticed a shirtless man nearby, she became uneasy and got in her car and drove
    away without the $100. The bank said the $100 was not credited back to her
    account so it appears someone took it. They’re checking surveillance video.
    The ol’ jury duty scam
    A woman said a man called and said he was from MSCO and that she
    had two citations for not showing up for jury duty. She was advised to report
    the incident to the FBI. The PG officer called the number and a man with a
    Southern accent answered.

    posted to Cedar Street Times on August 8, 2014

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