• Cop Log 8-1 to 8-9-14

    Underage Shoplifters

    Two juvenile males went into a business on Forest and chose two bottles of whiskey, then ran out of the business without paying for them. They were caught on the store’s video surveillance system.

    Bark Bark Bark

    Reporting party says a neighbor has been aggressive about the RP’s barking dog (barking inside the residence) and went so far as to put a letter in his mailbox without paying postage. He wanted to report it to the post office but they wanted a police report.

    Flying rocks

    A gardening crew was using a weed eater on the front lawn of a residence on Maple. A rock flew up and shattered the passenger window of the neighbor’s truck which was legally parked nearby.

    Underage, no license, and marijuana on person

    Two juveniles were stopped on a traffic stop. The driver had no license and was in possession of marijuana. The driver was detained, cited, and held for parents to arrive. The father took possession both of the juvenile and the vehicle.

    Bicyclist with meth

    A bicyclist was stopped for riding a bicycle in violation of vehicle code sections. Consent search turned up methamphetamine and paraphernalia. Bicyclist was arrested, booked, and transferred to County Jail.

    Expired plates lead to drug para charges

    A vehicle was stopped for expires plates and an inoperable tail light. Subject cited vehicle impounded, and the officer found 10 syringes a piece of foil and a burnt can in the car. Passerby had pipe but it’s not clear what the passerby had to do with it or the incident in general.

    Ya gotta be faster than the motorcycle you’re tryin’ to catch

    An attempt was made to stop a motorcycle for vehicle code violations, but the driver sped away. Pursuit was initiated but discontinued due to unsafe driving conditions and the extreme speed of the motorcycle.

    Damaged Honda towed

    A Honda Civic was found unoccupied on Pico Ave. The householder nearby didn’t know anything about it The vehicle had damage to the left rear door, quarter panel and wheel. Its rear bumper was partially detached, too. It is registered to a local person. Due to road hazard, it was towed.

    False alarm

    Officers responded to a building alarm on Lighthouse but it was secure.

    Found wallet

    A woman’s blue wallet was found in front of the post office and turned in.

    Bark Bark Bark

    Found Dogs X 2

    A female chihuahua was found loose in the roadway on Ocean View. No chip.

    A Maltese Mix was found on Sinex. No chip.

    Two dogs were reported barking continuously on Laurel Ave. The dogs seem to be alone in the daytime and were barking when the officer responded. Owner said they’d have a neighbor check on them and would close the windows on the side where the reporting party lives.

    Groceries stolen

    A victim left non-perishable grocery items in the bed of his truck overnight and when he went out in the morning, he found someone had stolen them.

    Yes he’s restrained, no he’s not

    During a traffic stop, the driver was found to be the restrained party and the passenger was the protected one. The driver was handcuffed but then word came that they could see each other if they were peaceful about it, so they let him go.

    Solo accident

    A driver on Central drifted into the next lane and collided with a parked vehicle, then a fire hydrant before coming to a complete stop. No injuries.


    A woman reported that she was being stalked by someone she had met online several years ago. Investigation ongoing.

    Attempted scam, but he didn’t ask for money

    A woman said she had received a call from a male with a heavy Indian accent who said he was from the IRS and pulled the old “fraudulent taxes” scheme. But he didn’t ask for money. The phone number was an invalid pager number.

    Attempted scam but he didn’t send the money

    Another person reported that he had received voicemails from subjects who stated they were IRS agents “Allen Donald and Susan Watson.” They said he had made foreign bank transactions and gave a warrant number and said he was to be arrested unless he sent them $2,500. They left a phone number – 202-239-0306 – and when the police officer called it, he was referred to another number – 202-239-0274. The call was disconnected. An Internet search reveals they are numbers used by IRS scammers.

    Menage a Trois

    Police received a report of someone having sex in a park on David. Officers located three subjects. One male subject was arrested for intoxication.

    Sawzall found

    A Sawzall was found in the street on Forest. It was in a case with other miscellaneous tools.


    A vehicle was stopped for traffic violations and the driver, Chad Sonico Bradford was determined to be driving under the influence. He was arrested, booked, cited and released to a sober friend.

    Vacation Rental Fraud

    A home in Pacific Grove was advertised on Craigslist and the victim sent money. But the home wasn’t for rent.

    Dog dumped

    An older blue sedan reported slowing down on Alder and dumping a dog, the driving away. There were no tags or chips. The dog was taken to the SPCA.

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