• cop log 8-16-14 to 8-22-14

    Enterprising Thief
    Victim on Asilomar Avenue reports theft of gardening tools.

    An alarm on Briggs Ave. brought out the police, but the building was secure when they got there.

    A person stopped during traffic enforcement was found to be intoxicated. Jorge Ramirez was arrested, booked, and released on a citation to appear.

    Theft of consigned property
    On Forest Ave. Under investigation.

    Stand by Your man
    Reporting party had accidentally “cut off” a van on 68 before passing CHOMP. Then when he got near Trader Joe’s, he accidentally changed lanes without seeing another driver, who turned out to be the van he had previously cut off. The van driver beeped his horn. The wife of the reporting party got into an argument with the van driver and they “exchanged derogatory comments and began to call each other names.” The driver of the van took out his cell phone and began to record the incident. The wife wanted the police to arrest him for “invading her privacy.” She was too upset to talk with police.

    Stand by Your Sister
    Two students got into it, albeit verbally, because one student heard that the other was harassing his sister.

    Civil standby
    A woman on Central said she had complained to the landlord about her neighbor’s smoking. Now she’s being evicted. She wanted a police standby on the day of her move because she was afraid she’d be harassed and have her property vandalized.

    There are more serious things in the world…
    A woman broke her fingernail and began screaming. Her husband said he would call the police if she didn’t stop. Seems she’d been drinking. The neighbor heard the hollering and called the police.

    Found Wallet
    Turned in 8/18/14. Contained credit cards and more. Officers tried to contact the owner, but were unsuccessful.

    Found Sleeping Bag
    A sleeping bag was found behind a building and turned in for safekeeping.

    Possible Embezzlement
    A business owner came into the station to discuss possible embezzlement by an employee and to ask what to do. Officers gave them some options.

    Found dog
    A dog was found on Presidio Blvd. It had no tags nor a chip. Dog was fed and watered and placed in a pen, and eventually the owners came and ransomed it.

    Bad dog sitter
    A person on Alder St. used a dog sitting service while she was out of town. When she got home, she found that the sitter had used her computer and gone through her purse. A portfolio containing credit cards and other information was missing. The dog sitter admitted having taken the info, which had been returned prior to the police being called.

    Not so helpful help desk
    A person called a help desk to help her reset her password for her email. The person on the line said she had to pay for it and requested credit card information, which the victim provided. Then she found out that the person she had spoken with was not a representative of the company. She cancelled her credit card and is on the lookout for fraudulent transactions.

    Fall from ladder
    A person was on a ladder working on his house when he lost his balance and fell. He grabbed onto the rain gutter, which fell on top of him. He had a laceration to his ear and could not answer simple questions, so he was transported to a San Jose trauma hospital.

    Scam over gas bill averted
    Someone called the reporting party and said her gas would be shut off if she didn’t pay a bill. She told him she’d call back, and when she did, he said he was from “FDA.” PG&E said she was current. Police tried to call the number but the bad guy would either hang up or let the call go to voicemail.

    False imprisonment
    A student advises she was assaulted by another student and that there was possible false imprisonment involved. Investigation is ongoing.

    Cult shrine?
    The principal of a school on Pine reported there was a cult shrine there, a well as at another school. Close patrol was requested. It is unknown who made the shrine or why.

    Nous avons vos passeports
    The Visitor’s Center turned in five French passports in a fanny pack, along with a MasterCard and some cash.

    Possible Trespassing
    Possible trespassing was reported in an unoccupied residence on Buena Vista Ave.

    Attempted burglary
    Vehicle description and possible license plate were gathered for a past tense attempted theft of alcohol at Save Mart. The suspect is recognized by a store employee.

    Gun turned in
    A pistol was turned in for destruction.









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