• Cop Log

    Trunk taken
    A trunk and some twine were taken from the property of a host of antique
    shows. The trunk and presumably th twin belonged to a client.
    Dog Locked in Car
    A citizens reported a dog had been locked in a car with the windows up
    on a hot day. The incident had also been reported to the SPCA.
    Animal Welfare Check
    A woman was trying to sell puppies from her motor home. the reporting
    party was concerned, but a vet said she was following the proper protocol for
    cleas and deworming and that the puppies were in good health.
    Elder Scammed
    An elderly male reported that he had sent $3500 to someone who alleged
    they represented the Department of Justice.
    Bicyclist Takes a Dive
    Victim and witness said victim was riding his bicycle on Sinex and hit
    an area on the street — or possibly the broken sidewalk — and fell off his
    bicycle, landing on his back. He bonked his head and cracked his helmet. He
    was bleeding on the face.
    Needs more practice before prime time
    A motorcyclist pulled up behind a BMW at a stop sign. When the car
    driver released his brakes the motorcyclist assumed he was moving forward,
    but the BMW driver was new to driving a manual transmission and failed to
    get it into gear. He rolled back and onto the motorcycle’s front wheel. Both
    vehicles suffered cracked fenders. No one was injured.
    See above headline
    A juvenile driver was stopped for driving without headlights after sunset.
    Turns out he didn’t have a license. Maybe he didn’y know how to turn the
    headlights on either.
    Wine boosted
    Two males walked into a store on Sunset, grabbed several bottles of wine,
    and fled in a waiting vehicle. No suspects.
    No Bark Bark Bark
    Anonymous person reported a dog barking on Miles Ave., but though
    the officer waiting 15 minutes, the dog never barked again.
    Vehicle Stolen from Carport
    On Lighthouse Ave. All keys accounted for and no one else has permission
    to use the car.
    Concealed Weapon Found During Traffic Stop
    Also it was loaded. There was paraphernalia and ammunition in the car
    too. On Ocean View Blvd.
    Minors with Alcohol,Wildlife
    A vehicle check on Sunset Dr, revealed minors in possession of alcohol,
    open display of an imitation firearm, illegally obtained wildlife, forged Social
    Security cards. Subjects were arrested, booked, cited, and released.

    posted to Cedar Street Times on June 6, 2014

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