• Cop Log 8/23/14-8/29/14

    If you’re going to speed, don’t do it while drunk

    Subject was stopped for speeding and found to be driving under the influence. Berthin Corres Gonzales was arrested, booked, and released.

    Is there a naked woman running around somewhere?

    Woman’s clothes left on a bus bench. Stored for safekeeping. If you see a naked woman running around on the streets, point her in the direction of the police station.

    Couldn’t hear the alarm

    An alarm was sounding on Bayview, but the owner, who is hearing impaired, didn’t hear it. Nor did he register it. Oops.

    Good excuse not to vacuum, I say. Don’t want to annoy the neighbors.

    A man and his friend of Grand Ave. were cleaning up his yard and storage unit. The friend vacuumed the RV floor and a neighbor complained and placed him under citizen’s arrest for disturbing the peace.

    Lost or found?

    A lost debit card was found on Lighthouse and turned in to the police.

    Lost and found

    A woman reported losing a silver mesh coin purse with credit cards, drivers license, and other stuff. Luckily, it was found

    If you’re going to hit a parked car, don’t do it while drunk

    A man name William Archer hit a parked car on Ocean View. He was found to be driving under the influence. He was arrested, booked, cited and released.

    Instagrams are traceable, by the way

    An unknown person has made threats to several students on Forest Ave.

    Theft via credit card number

    $200 was stolen using a credit card.

    Who would have moved the car?

    A woman reported that she had left her keys inside her car when she went to have her hair done, and when she got finished, the car was gone. Officer found it one block away.

    Found cell phone…six months ago

    Someone found a cell phone and put it in the lost and found at Chautauqua. As no one has claimed it in six months, it was turned in to the police.

    Found dog on Congress

    The dog was turned in, watered, fed, and placed in the City’s animal pen. No description given.

    Dogs at large, Lincoln Ave.

    Two dogs were reported to be at large. One went back home but the other seemed to be lost. The homeowner said he was watching it because its owner was in jail. He was unaware that the dogs had gotten loose.

    Exhibition of speed

    A driver was chasing another vehicle and “peeled out.”

    Attempted IRS scam

    Someone attempted to scam a local person with the “I’m from the IRS” scam but the person called the police instead of falling for it.

    Another person reported to the police that they had been called more than 50 times. The officer called the number and of course got no answer, so left a message that they were not to harass our citizen any more.

    Cell phone stolen at school

    A woman reported her son had left his cell phone in an unlocked classroom on Sunset and it was now missing.

    If you’re going to drive off the road, don’t do it while drunk

    Driver, Juan Martinez-Serna ran off the highway and was blocking traffic. He had a suspended license and was intoxicated and is now in trouble.

    Suspect may have gasoline on their breath

    Someone on Forest reported that gas has been siphoned from his personal vehicles.







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