• Cop log 8/30/14 – 9/5/14

    Well, THAT narrows it down

    A woman reported losing her wallet somewhere between here and Los Banos.

    ATM Failure

    A woman reported trying to deposit $750 in an ATM on Lighthouse when it froze and wouldn’t give her back her ATM card. She wanted the incident documented

    Bark, bark, bark X 3

    Neighbor reported three pit bulls in the neighborhood had been barking continuously for two days and the owner had not been seen. The officer heard them barking as well. Maybe the owner left because he couldn’t stand the barking.


    Subject, Conrado Ortiz, was contacted during a traffic enforcement stop and found to be under the influence. He was arrested, booked, and then transported to county jail.

    Maybe it was Superman doing routine practice

    A resident on Forest called to report a suspicious person who had been walking on the roof. The person fled in an unknown direction before officers arrived.

    False check

    A person had given personal information to someone online who sent them a fake check and asked them to cash it and make purchases for them. The bank figured it out.

    The old “Send me the change” scam

    A person was selling a $325 golf bag online. The prospective buyer sent a check for $1980 to pay for it and asked for the change. It was a false check.

    Pot hole that eats Buicks

    A woman reported that the street at the rear of her house is in such bad need of repair that she has suffered damage to the undercarriage of her car trying to exit her house.

    Watch My Rear End, Not Hers”

    Case in point: Driver was distracted by an adult female who was walking on Lighthouse and driver collided with another car.

    Big rock block

    A woman on Evergreen reported that someone had moved a great huge 80-pound rock from her yard and placed it behind her wheel. She had an idea that is was someone on whose property she had placed a lien for failure to pay for a job.

    That’s why they have arrows on the roadway

    A driver in the right turn only lane went straight instead and collided with a driver who was in the go straight ahead lane.

    Escapee taken down

    A man named John Collard escaped custody and was eventually spotted on Cannery Row in a restaurant. On an assist with Monterey PD, officer confronted Collard who attempted to flee, but was taken down and placed in custody without further incident.

    Attempted motorcycle theft

    A man on Lobos observed two men trying to load his motorcycle into a dark colored for Ranger or similar pickup truck. They ran away when he yelled at them.

    Your dog pooped. No he didn’t. Yes he did.

    Person requested officer explain muni code about poop to animal owners. Animal owners said they clean up after their animals regularly.

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