• Cop Log

    Camera and Camera Bag Lost
    On Sunset.
    Cell Phone Lost
    Reported at the police station.
    Cell Phone Found
    On 12th St. Not the lost one mentioned above, apparently.
    A Shirt Does not a Handicap Make
    Fire Department Captain contacted a person who folded a shirt with a fire
    department emblem on it and placed it on the dash, then parked in a handicappedonly
    space and claimed it was okay. It wasn’t.
    Hit and Run Collision with Minor Damage
    A person advised she had been rearended the day before while on her way
    to work She said there was minor damage and did not want to pursue charges,
    just to make a report for the insurance company. The officer checked and yes,
    there is minor damage.
    Bicycle Collision
    A bicycle rider said he “tucked” the front wheel of his bicycle into the rear
    wheel of another rider in the group and fell off. He had abrasions and complained
    of pain in his hip. The bicycle was taken to the City yard for safekeeping.
    All Over Some Plants
    Apparently a neighbor has been going to the reporting party’s address and
    yelling obscenities at her about some plants which are near the property line.
    Reporting party also complained of the neighbor’s alcohol and marijuana use.
    The subject was advised not to contact the reporting party and not to walk on
    her property, and the reporting party was advised to prine the plants near the
    property line.
    Bark Bark Bark on Film
    An ongoing barking dog problem has been documented on film, with the
    star of the show barking for about three minutes.
    Vehicle vs. Tree: Vehicle 1, Tree 0
    A vehicle struct a tree on Sinex and caused a large branch to break off and
    block the roadway.
    Robert M. Smith, Your Friend’s Bracelet was Found
    A bracelet was turned in, having been found on Lighthouse. The bracelet
    is engraved with “Robert M. Smith” on one side. Maybe it’s Robert’s.
    Haz Mat Spill
    A delivery drive spilled diesel fuel in the road on Lighthouse. The Fire
    Department cleaned up the mess.
    Burglary of Tools
    A property owner was working on his rental on Spruce. He locked his tools
    in the garage overnight, but when he returned the window was open and several
    of his tools were missing.

    posted to Cedar Street Times on June 13, 2014

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