• Cop log 9/13/14 – 9/19/14

    Four tows of vehicles ignoring “no Parking” signs during Triathlon. Reserve officers provided up to 12 hours each day of the event including police services, contacting some 60 children and passing out “badges” and cards, taking care of road closure and clearing and giving directions.

    Naked man on the rocks
    A man was found to be standing on the rocks, naked, flapping his arms. He was transported for evaluation.

    Lost jacket not in the safe
    A man came into a business on Lighthouse and said he had lost his jacket several months ago. He had called and an employee told him the jacket was in the safe. The female employee on duty now could not find it. She was suspicious of the owner of the lost jacket and wanted a record made by police.

    He came in through the backseat window
    A bicyclist hit a parked vehicle on Central Ave. and was thrown through the rear window.

    Party crasher
    The owners/members of the homeowners association were having a party and one of the tenants (who was not invited) showed up drunk. The tenant left before the police got there and could not be located.

    Panic on Pico
    A housekeeper accidentally tripped a panic alarm at a residence on Pico. The alarm is not registered.

    A woman on Funston reported that an old high school friend of her daughter’s turned up in the back yard, asking for help and saying she had just arrived from Oregon and had no place to stay. The visitor smelled of alcohol and had been known to use drugs. She and her cat and dog fled before police arrived. She left behind a walker and a suitcase which contained nothing of particular value. They were stored by police for safekeeping.

    Lost and found
    A cell phone was reported lost on 9/14/14.
    A woman lost an iPad belonging to DLI. She had resigned previously and was having a yard sale and thinks maybe someone wandered into the house and took it.
    A bicycle was found unchained on the front stoop. Police have it in custody.
    Personal property (no description in police log) was turned in and stored.

    Shore battery with potato gun
    Three juveniles were reported shooting a potato gun at wildlife on Ocean View Blvd. Two fled but one was captured, along with the potato gun, 10 potatoes, and hairspray (propellant). The juvenile was taken to his parents and the parents of the other two were also notified.

    Desperately Seeking Sandra
    A transient who has been previously admonished has been leaving notes addressed to “Sandra” at a residence on Park St. The reporting party’s daughter lives there but is not named Sandra.

    Lost person distracted by GPS
    A unlicensed driver was distracted by a GPS and collided with a parked vehicle on Sinex.

    Evidence left behind
    After a collision on Sinex (not, apparently, the above one), the driver ran on foot but left behind a packet believed to be heroin.

    Another accident on Sinex, another unlicensed driver
    Near 2nd. No injuries.

    Stuff bothered
    A woman left her car unlocked in her driveway on Spazier. She noticed that stuff that had been in her middle console was on the passenger seat, but nothing was taken.

    Stuff stolen
    Someone got into an unlocked vehicle on Hillcrest and stole money and a backpack.

    Consigned items taken
    A business was evicted on Forest Ave. The business owner allegedly took some items that had been left on consignment.

    Tows of vehicles with out-of-date registration
    2nd St.
    Eardley Ave.
    13th St.

    Theft of utility services
    Trash and debris dumped at a location on Lighthouse.

    Trespassing on 4th
    Neighbors reported noises at an unoccupied house under construction. No evidence that anyone had been living inside.

    Reported for messy house
    An older woman was reported living in a messy house.


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