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    Cop Log 10/26/14 – 10/31/14
    Found things
    A man’s wallet was found on Lighthouse and turned in. No contact with owner.
    A cell phone was found on Ocean View and turned in. No contact with owner.
    This is a sight we’d like to see…
    A motorcycle with expired tags was found on public property on Montecito.
    It was towed.
    An easier job than the one above
    On Central Ave., a vehicle was marked as abandoned. After 72 hours, it was
    Large Dog at Large
    A male German Shepherd was found at large on Forest. The dog’s owner
    came and got him.
    Credit card fraud
    Exchange student’s credit card was used to pay for a hotel stay in Boston.
    If your mail was late on 10/27…
    A woman advised she had been involved in a collision with a postal truck.
    Info was exchanged.
    Shooting BB gun at children
    Leif Rowan was detained after shooting at children on Arkwright Ct. with a
    pellet gun. He was detained by a parent.
    Suspicious person/Sexual harassment
    A juvenile female walking home from school on spruce was approached by
    a white male adult in a white vehicle, make unknown. He pulled up and told her
    she was hot and asked if she was 18. She said no and kept walking. He offered
    her a ride and she said no. He pulled around the corner and got out of his vehicle
    and left his driver’s side door open and the engine running. He told her to hop
    in and she refused again. She walked quickly home and does not believe he saw
    where she lives. He was described as late 20s-early 30s, wearing a red shirt, khaki
    pants and red shoes. Police tracked him down and he admitted to speaking with
    the juvenile female but said he left upon learning her age.
    Situation becoming critical
    On Pine Ave.: A person was walking to the shoemaker and lost a boot. No
    indication as to whether they were wearing it or carrying it.
    Drunk and walking around and generally being nasty
    A man was verbally harassing customers outside a business on Lighthouse.
    He was arrested for being drunk in public and for violating his probation terms.
    Offensive notes
    A person on Presidio said that he had received offensive notes on his vehicle
    over the last month, but has not received anything in the past two weeks. He said
    his neighbors told him they saw someone taking pictures of his residence and
    looking in his vehicle about a month ago.
    Drugs missing
    A woman on Ransford said she had allowed a homeless woman to stay with
    her for a short time. She said she began to notice prescription drugs missing but
    didn’t actually see the woman take them. The woman is no longer staying with her.
    Bag missing
    A man reported he had left a bag on the sidewalk on Ocean View, and it was
    gone when he returned a few minutes later. He waited a few hours and when it
    didn’t appear, he reported it to the police.
    Past tense rape
    Perpetrator known.
    Burglary on Lighthouse
    A person reported burglary with forced entry into a business on Lighthouse.
    Lights left on she didn’t leave on
    A woman on Junipero said she had recently purchased the home in question
    and that she stays there occasionally. She returned on 10/30 to find two lights left
    on as well as a space heater. Nothing was stolen or disturbed.
    Theft of fire extinguishers
    On Pacific Grove Lane.
    Elderly woman scammed
    A woman on Briggs was scammed out of a large sum of money via phone
    calls. APS is investigating, along with the FBI.
    Nails beneath tires
    A man on Lighthouse said someone had placed nails beneath his tires and
    someone else’s tires, too. He removed the nails. He said he has no idea who’d
    play such a trick.
    Vacation renter spooked
    Vacation renters told a homeowner that an elderly woman had been seen in
    front of the house taking pictures and it made them uncomfortable. It wasn’t the
    former owner, they determined.
    No trespassing to steal no trespassing signs
    Someone stole several no trespassing signs from the fencing around a property
    on Lighthouse.
    Tree fall down go boom
    A tree in a private parking lot on Eardley fell on a vehicle.

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