• Cop Log for 7-3-15 issue

    Someone is cold in Pacific Grove. Or maybe not.
    A sweater was left on the back seat of the patrol vehicle after an arrest.

    You know, there are charities who would take these
    An abandoned vehicle was towed from 11th St.
    Another was towed from Sunset Ave.

    Vehicle vs. Tree
    On Lighthouse. Driver was DUI prescribed medication.

    Vehicle vs. stop sign
    On Central.

    Vehicle vs. curb
    Vehicle making turn and damaged a curb – hit and run.

    It just wouldn’t shut up
    A vehicle alarm was sounding on Central. No broken glass or anything, just an annoying alarm. Attempts to contact the owner failed, so the car was towed.

    Confused alarm
    Alarm indicated broken front door glass on Forest, but there was no damage to the property found.

    Vandalism to screens
    On Grand Ave.

    Dog captures cat
    A dog being run on a leash via bicycle dived into the bushes and came out with a cat. The dog could not be convinced to let go of the cat until a lot of people joined the fray. Cat is recovering and had been vaccinated, but the dog had not.

    Meth lab or off the grid?
    A neighbor reported a generator running constantly and assumed it was a meth lab. It wasn’t. All the lights in the house went out when the generator was turned off.

    Lost & Found
    Backpack lost in the parking lot at Nob Hill.
    Wallet found and turned in. Owner contacted, wallet returned.
    A dog was found on Forest and turned in. The owner called the police in the meantime so the dog was returned to him.
    Personal property found on Forest and turned in.
    Personal property found on Lighthouse and turned in.
    Wallet found on Ocean View and turned in,
    Piece of jewelry lost at Lovers Point.
    Wallet lost on Forest.
    A woman reported she had lost her wallet. She didn’t remember where.

    A wallet and cell phone were reported stolen from…how could it be? … an unlocked vehicle.
    Gas was stolen from a truck on Cedar St.
    Guess what? Another theft from an unlocked vehicle was reported on Hillside.

    Internet scam
    A woman reported being scammed on the Internet. No money was lost.

    Mystery burglar
    Possible burglary in process at a residence on 15th. Reporting party heard footsteps and a loud noise from inside the home. Resident said she heard someone enter from the sliding glass door. Reporting party said she left the door open for the cat.

    Burglary in process
    On Arkwright Ct., two individuals were reported trying to enter the reporting party’s home. She said she knew the suspects and they had broken into her residence earlier in that day.

    Attempted robbery on Lighthouse
    Female suspect and lookout went into a hotel and demanded money from the night auditor. The employee was scared and ran out. The female suspect chased the employee but then got into a getaway car with the lookout and scarpered.










    posted to Cedar Street Times on July 4, 2015

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