• Cop Log for May 23, 2014

    Cop Log


    Don’t sleep it off in the street

    A juvenile was reported lying in the street near Caledonia Park. He was found to be intoxicated and was turned over to the care of his mother.

    Hit and Run, Non-Injury

    A vehicle on 11th St. was hit and damaged sometime during the night. No contact information was left.

    In another incident, a vehicle backed into another vehicle which was legally parked on Fountain Ave. and then fled the scene.

    Hit, Non-Driver

    An unmanned emergency vehicle collided with another vehicle on Pico.

    Towed: Surprise! Surprise!

    A vehicle was towed for a special event. The owner’s phone was not set up for voicemail so they were unable to contact him.

    Haz Mat

    Someone dumped chemicals and paperwork in the trash can at Esplanade Park. When contacted, the man said that he didn’t know what to do with the stuff, so the officer gave him some referrals.

    Anybody home?

    The reporting party went in to a business to get change and found no one inside. He then realized that, though the door was open, the business should have been closed. He called the police, and meanwhile the cleaning people arrived and said they hadn’t been there. The owner was contacted.

    This ain’t no dog poop bag

    A person walking his dog found a plastic bag near an intersection on Piedmont. Inside were two handguns. Weapons were secured by police but no ownership history could be found.

    Abandoned bicycle

    A person reported a bicycle that had been left across the street for a week.

    Abandoned scooter

    A person reported a scooter that had been left leaning on her fence for above 5-6 days.

    Abandoned vehicle

    On Carmel Ave. Registration was expired. Towed away.

    Rape by known person

    A juvenile victim reported she had been raped by an adult she knows. It happened while she was drugged. She didn’t want to prosecute right then, just wanted to be referred to Rape Crisis.


    Welfare check on person living without power. Found mounds of clutter, rotten food, urine and human feces in the bathroom. She said she was happy and didn’t care about the mess.

    911 hang-up

    Someone dialed 911 and hung up. When the officer arrived they found the house full of clutter. The resident had food in the freezer but said Meals on Wheels only gave her some lettuce. Referred to Adult Protective Services.

    Dazed and confused, revoked license

    An elderly woman who hit several parked cars at County Club Gate center was found sitting in the dirt next to her car. She appeared dazed and confused. A check revealed that she had a revoked driver’s license. She was transported to CHOMP by ambulance.

    Burglary on Lawton

    Someone gained access by prying off the screen on an open window. Several major items were taken.

    Car stolen

    From 4th Street. Found later out of jurisdiction.

    Put that silly thing away

    A man exposed himself to a family walking on the Rec Trail. He was placed under citizen’s arrest for indecent exposure.

    A theft or not a theft?

    An anonymous person called 911 claiming that a man with a beard in a plaid shirt had stolen some alcohol, but the Save Mart manager hadn’t seen it and couldn’t find evidence on the security tape.

    Bark Bark Bark

    On Arkwright Ct. Dog barks in the early morning. The owner was cited.

    PG&E Scam

    Two different people reported having been called by someone who claimed they were from PG&E and that they should pay money to avoid having the power shut off. Neither did, neither owed money.

    Grandchild in Trouble Scam

    It was the old “your grandson is in jail send money” scam but the potential victim didn’t fall for it because she knew he wasn’t in jail.


    posted to Cedar Street Times on May 22, 2014

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