• Cop Log June 21-17, 2014

    June 21-17, 2014
    It speaks the Queen’s English
    A UK couple on vacation honeymoon reported they’d lost a cell phone.
    Minors drinking and burning stuff
    A party of juveniles holding a bonfire on the County portion of Asilmonar Beach
    was broken up. 20-30 subjects ran. Abandoned backpacks, alcohol, and marijuana
    taken by police.
    Vehicle Theft and Pursuit
    Attempted vehicle stop for moving violations: Suspects fled, police chased but
    abandoned chase due to public safety concerns. The car was later found abandoned
    and suspects fled. Stolen property from other crimes was in the car. Witnesses gave
    description but suspects were not found.
    The stolen items are being processed and returned to victims.
    Stopped for a traffic offense and found to be driving under the influence. Arrested,
    booked, released on citation was Cody Mitchell.
    Rape of drugged victim
    A victim reported a past tense rape. Rape kit had been done at hospital the day
    after the crime. Suspect is known to victim.
    Credit cards stolen, used
    A purse with credit cards was stolen from an unlocked vehicle and the cards used
    in neighboring cities. This was only one of many incidents that week where vehicles
    were either left unlocked or had been broken into and items taken.
    Rifles turned in
    A person turned in rifles left by a relatives. They were checked, photographed
    and stored for destruction.
    Crabby cat
    A woman reported that her neighbor went on vacation and left her cat unattended,
    so the cat has been coming over the the woman’s house looking for attention. But then
    the cat took a chomp on the woman’s leg. The cat was captured and quarantined and is
    in a caged unit at the City yard, with food and water but maybe not so much attention.
    Missing man not missing, just needed a tow
    An elderly man was reported missing from Lighthouse, but it turns out he was in
    Country Club Gate in need of a tow. He was given a ride home.
    Vehicle vandalized
    A woman reported her car, parked overnight on Acropolis, had been vandalized.
    Trip and fall
    A woman tripped on a crack in the sidewalk on Lighthouse, causing minor injuries.
    She refused transport but photos were taken of the sidewalk and the injuries.

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