• Council balks at desal plant next steps

    By Marge Ann Jameson
    Despite reminders from City Manager Tom Frutchey that the deadline for filing for intervenor status is fast approaching – it’s May 26 – the Pacific Grove City Council balked at signing an agreement with Nader Agha’s Desal America and sent it back to their subcommittee for more exploration.
    Even Dan Miller, a member of the two-man subcommittee which originally brought the plan back to Council, said he didn’t like certain aspects of the potential agreement which set a cap on the expenses Agha was offering to meet.
    Bill Kampe joined him, being wary of potential legal fees, and Robert Huitt dug in his heels saying that Pacific Grove had no business going into the desal business in the first place.
    The agreement had been feverishly worked on by the city manager and Agha’s representative, Mr. Schroeder, working to meet the PUC filing deadline. Pacific Grove will seek intervenor status in the PUC proceedings with Cal-Am. Intervenors may sit at the table and be privy to all information as well as offering counsel.
    The subcommittee will work on further details and bring the agreement back to Council for a special meeting next week on Thurs., May 10. Council adjourned at about 11:30 p.m. Wed., May 2.

    posted to Cedar Street Times on May 6, 2012

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