• Council still mulling Rec Trail changes

    Pacific Grove City Council will examine an ordinance which would repeal a section of the PG Municipal Code restricting pedestrians on the Recreation Trail to the unpaved portion. Pedestrians are allowed to share the paved path with bikes in other cities through which the Rec Trail passes.
    There have been reports of conflicts between pedestrians and cyclists and some injuries as well. Between 2003 and the end of 2007, there was only one “bicycle vs. pedestrian” accident reported out of a total incident tally of 21. Other accidents included “no other party” events, bicycle vs. bicycle, an incidents involving a surrey, a skateboarder, and a City vehicle.
    Though it was originally scheduled for a first reading at the April 1 Council meeting, members decided to continue the matter after learning that some funding the City needs might be in jeopardy if the ordinance were passed. Council members also stated that they wanted more input from the public on the matter. There will be a site visit on April 29.
    “Emails are running against the change,” said Mayor Dan Cort, stating that he’s hearing from all sides of the question – pedestrians, bicyclists, PG residents and tourists. “I want to hear the whole story.”

    posted to Cedar Street Times on April 9, 2009

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