• County Urges Residents, Businesses to Report Storm Damage as Soon as Possible

    The County of Monterey and local cities are urging residents who suffered significant damage to their home, business, or property during recent storms to report the damage immediately. Doing so may help you and others across the county to qualify for federal aid to help rebuild.

    In order to qualify for assistance programs, local governments must report information on significantly damaged businesses and residences to the State. Eligible damages include uninsured or under-insured physical losses such as building and other property damage, personal property losses, damages to private roads and bridges, damage to privately owned water and wastewater systems, and more.

    Monterey County has developed Residential and Commercial Damage Surveys to help you report your damages and provide the Office of Emergency Services with the data they need to qualify for state and federal assistance. The surveys are available online from the Monterey County Office of Emergency Services Virtual Local Assistance Center which can be accessed from the Monterey County website:  www.co.monterey.ca.us. The site also provides general recovery information, tools for local government, and a directory of local, state and federal agencies and organizations with programs to assist disaster victims.

    The forms are for information collection only and are NOT AN APPLICATION FOR ASSISTANCE. Information will be used to justify the County’s request for individual assistance and Small Business Administration disaster programs through State and Federal governments. Should assistance become available, those completing the forms will be notified directly about how to apply for assistance. Non-government owners including business owners, private property owners, and non-profits who believe they may have suffered uninsured or under-insured damages are encouraged to complete the survey and return it to the Monterey County Office of Emergency Services at the address provided on the form.

     Property owners needing an immediate safety assessment should call their local building department to schedule an assessment.

    posted to Cedar Street Times on February 28, 2017

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