• Crafty Canines Form League to Get Cookies

    Their Jack Russell terrier, Miss Valentine, had skin allergies and other problems, but, as any dog would, she loved treats. Her veterinarian advised that Miss Valentine had a gluten allergy and recommended she not be given anything with gluten in it.

    So Jef and Kathi Encinas of Pacific Grove did what any reasonable owner of a dog with gluten allergies would do. In 2013 they concocted a recipe for gluten-free dog treats. They’re chemical- and preservative-free as well. They use rosemary as a preservative and the cookies have a shelf life of one year. Some human friends like them as well and they’re human quality. No sugar, no butter.

    They baked them at home and tried them out not only on MissValentine, but on friends’ dogs. They were a big hit. So big that Jef and Kathi now produce them in a commercial kitchen in Sand City under the moniker “The League of Crafty Canines.”

    Charlie, the Blue Merle Great Dane, speaks for a treat as Kathi (in white) and Jef (behind the table) look on.

    Charlie, the Blue Merle Great Dane, speaks for a treat as Kathi (in white) and Jef (behind the table) look on.

    Jef designed the packaging (that’s Miss Valentine on the front) and Miss Valentine “spiritually” bite-tests each cookie.

    Miss Valentine’s Tasty Treats and the League of Crafty canines are currently in the running for an award from Martha Stewart’s American Made contest. They’ve made it to number three so far, and now all that remains is the popular vote. To help this Pacific Grove-based business on their way, go to http://tinyurl.com/leaguecc and vote for the league of crafty canines. You can do so six times a day.

    The most popular flavor is a seasonal one – pumpkin. Just ask Charlie, a blue merle Great Dane who often hangs out at Miss Trawick’s. He’ll “speak” and “sit” all day long for the promise of a Miss Valentine’s treat.

    Miss Valentine’s are available at Miss Trawisk’s and Grove Market in Pacific Grove, plus Whole Foods in Monteret, and Carmel locations Raw Connection, Diggity Dog and Suds & Scissors. Jef and Kathi will ship if you order online, and they’ll even send them overseas.

    Speak. If your pooch doesn’t care for them, eat them yourself while watching rerun of “Lassie” and “Happy.”

    posted to Cedar Street Times on October 10, 2015

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