• Dance Show May 26: Senior Project

    Melissa Karasek is putting a lot of her heart and soul into her Pacific Grove High School senior project. The active young woman, along with her friend and team member Tatum May, has produced a dance show which will include no less than twenty numbers, all to benefit the American Cancer Society. Some of the dancers are members of the Breaker Girls dance team, but it is not solely a Breaker Girls event.

    “My friend, Hannah, lost her mom, Elise Paton to mesothelioma recently. Mrs. Paton was so supportive of the Breakers dance team, and supportive of us as individuals, and I wanted to do something to honor her,” said Melissa. “I was talking with my friend Tatum and she just lost her grandmother, Junko O’Donnell, to cancer, too. We came up with the idea to do a dance show and honor both women who meant so much to us.”

    The seniors went to the American Cancer Society to do the necessary paperwork for sponsorship, and began working on the show. They have obtained help with publicity and with graphics for their poster and program. Rehearsals have been ongoing for some time, and the friends have choreographed most of the numbers themselves, either as a team or individually.

    Some of the numbers have been choreographed by the dancers themselves, and there will be two special acts: Mikey Silbecky, a PGHS musician, and a hip hop dance performed by special guests.

    Melissa will enter college next fall and plans to study nursing. “I was looking for a way to combine my love of dance and my career choice,” she said, and though she hasn’t quite found the way to do it, dancing will probably remain a big part of her life regardless of her vocation.

    Melissa is concerned about the future of the dance program at the high school, which needs an adult sponsor. She says that she would be willing to do it herself, and feels that she has a lot to offer upcoming young dancers, but she is not yet old enough to meet the school’s requirements.

    The show is set for Tuesday, May 26 at the Pacific Grove Middle School Auditorium. Admission is $4 per person, and Melissa and Tatum are asking for donations over and above the admission charge.

    posted to Cedar Street Times on May 20, 2009

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