• Dark Sky: What is it?

    The City of Pacific Grove will soon be looking more closely at the issue of light pollution, an issue brought forth by David Dilworth at the July 15, 2009 City Council meeting. Light pollution is what causes that urban glow in the night sky surrounding a populated area. It is caused by unshielded, misdirected and excessive light sources.

    According to the Dark Sky Society, bare bulbs can affect the night vision of drivers. It can blind maritime navigators, and negatively affect birds, animals and fish in the vicinity. In addition, there is evidence that human beings need dark to produce tumor-suppressing melatonin and to avoid sleep deprivation.

    The Dark Sky society advocates directing outdoor lights toward the ground and turning them off when not in use.

    More than $4.5 billion dollars is wasted every year in the United States on light pollution, according to some estimates. Dilworth believes that Pacific Grove could save up to half of its electricity bill by using ground-directed fixtures and timers as well as simply turning off unnecessary lights.

    The Dark Sky Society can be found at www.darkskysociety.org, and there are other sources on the Internet as well.

    posted to Cedar Street Times on July 18, 2009

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