• Dark World

    by Golnoush Pak

    I’m tired
    Of these black days
    Of these hungry kids that beg for food
    I’m exhausted
    And I want to
    See the light
    It’s been a long time
    From the last time I’ve seen it
    Maybe I was a little kid
    Who didn’t know anything
    About the cruel world around her
    Thinking only about the beautiful nature out there and the birds
    That were singing everyday near my room’s window
    While the beautiful sunlight
    Started a peaceful day
    But now….
    Not even a crow …
    It’s all dark and everyday…
    I wake up
    Hearing a child crying for food
    Or even someone getting shot
    And maybe even.. dying….
    I see people becoming selfish monsters
    Pushing their way to the front of the proverbial line
    And the only peaceful thing I can think of is ….God
    I hate to be in a world like this…
    What have we done…
    All this darkness
    Where did the light and sunshine go?
    I wonder…….
    I close my eyes
    And feel a tear coming from my left eye
    All I hear is..
    Crying , Shouting , moaning
    And then the silence of fear..
    The Darkness
    Where did all the peace go?
    I wonder…

    posted to Cedar Street Times on February 10, 2012

    Topics: Young Writers' Corner


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