• Dharma Center Opens in Pacific Grove

    Dear Friends of Khenpo Karten Rinpoche:

    We are very happy to announce that Rinpoche has moved into a space for Manjushri Dharma Center (MDC). It’s a small building located in downtown Pacific Grove (near the Post Office on the other side of Lighthouse Ave.), but a great start for his first “home.” Please come and visit Rinpoche during his office hours, join him for regularly scheduled meditation sessions, or call him at 831/917-3969 to set up private meeting. See information below for the MDC address and schedule.

    An official opening will be held soon, on an auspicious date to be determined by Rinpoche according to his Tibetan Buddhist tradition.

    In the meantime, please join us for Dharma practice at MDC. There are plenty of restaurants in the area if you want to have dinner before practice. Also, parking is free and convenient, especially in the evenings. The meeting space is small but we hope to be able to accommodate about 20 of us. If you sit on the floor, please bring your pillow. Otherwise, we have chairs available.

    We would like to thank Dr. Cassandra Ohlsen for heading up the search for a center location. Also, many people have helped to provide furnishings and supplies to make Rinpoche feel comfortable in the space. Thank you, all. In addition, Jennifer Kline and Stephanie Koehler have worked hard to submit our Center’s tax documents for the first year—thank you both. It truly takes a village to help guide and manage our exciting Dharma adventure.

    Manjushri Dharma Center

    623 Lighthouse Ave., Pacific Grove, CA 93950

    Meditation Classes —$10 Fee per Session—

    Wednesdays    10 -11 a.m., Saturdays    4 – 5 p.m.

    Office Hours

    Wednesdays    10  – 3 , Saturdays    1  –  5, Sundays    1  –  5

    posted to Cedar Street Times on April 14, 2014

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